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Blood Song - UK Audiobook News

Orbit have now confirmed that the Blood Song audiobook will be available in the UK on 12th June. This will be the same version as the US edition as read by the excellent Steven Brand. 76 more words

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Swordplay and Beer Drinking; The Trouble with Mastery

My friends and I have this game called Shotgun-Shotgun. You take a can of beer, put it on a stump, shoot it with a pellet gun, then run forward and drink the beer spurting out of the can. 1,007 more words


and 'Blood Song' in German is...

… ‘Das Lied Des Blutes’. I know this because – well you know the drill by now. German cover below, can’t help but think there’s a theme emerging here…

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Blood Song in Hungarian is....

…’A Ver Enneke’. I know this thanks to the good folks at Fumax Kiado who are currently printing the Hungarian version with an excellent all new cover by artist Kira Santa. 30 more words

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Fantasy Faction Article - Historical Research with Miles Cameron and Anthony Ryan

Thanks to Spencer Wightman at Fantasy Faction for writing this article on historical research for the fantasy writer, which includes contributions from Miles Cameron, author of the Red Knight, and yours truly. Link: http://fantasy-faction.com/2014/historical-research-with-miles-cameron-and-anthony-ryan

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It's NOLA Fashion Week!

New Orleans is known for the music, we’re sought after for our food, people come down to experience the culture. But underneath the tourist must-haves there is unexpected talent in the fashion industry.   143 more words


And the Winners Are....

Many thanks to everyone who entered the signed Blood Song UK paperback competition, and all the very welcome comments in the emails, sorry I couldn’t reply to all of you individually. 91 more words

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