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The 10 books that I am most looking forward to reading/listening to

I know that this is a subject which is covered quite extensively by a number of bloggers and other sites, but as I feel that this is such a personal thing down to an individuals own tastes then I thought I would share my thoughts on it. 1,105 more words

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and 'Blood Song' in Czech is...

Píseň krve. To be released on 27th November and available for pre-order now from: http://www.palmknihy.cz/pisen-krve.html

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and 'Blood Song' in Mandarin is...

Thanks to my Taiwanese publisher Fantasy Foundation for making this happen. This version will be available worldwide excluding mainland China.

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At Long Last!!!

At Long Last!!!!

For those of you who have been reading this journal for a while, you might remember that right after last Christmas I posted an entry talking about… 843 more words

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and 'Blood Song' in Portuguese is...

‘A Cancao Do San’gue’. Many thanks to Anderson Tiago of the Brazilian fantasy site Intocados for sending me the cover from Leya who will be publishing the book in Brazil (looks oddly familiar I must say). 27 more words

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New Non-fiction Anthology – ‘Story Behind the Book : Volume 3’

Thanks to Kristijan Meic and Ivana Steiner for including my essay on the ideas that inspired the writing of Blood Song in their new anthology ‘Story Behind the Book : Volume 3 – Essays on Writing Speculative Fiction.’ 215 more words

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