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Anthony Weiner: 'My political career is probably over'

Anthony Weiner apparently is done with politics.

The former congressman and one-time New York City mayoral candidate who fell from grace because of sexting talked to… 175 more words


The New York Times Accidentally Admits Superiority of Privatized Social Security

I confess that I get a bit of perverse pleasure when a left-leaning media outlet screws up and inadvertently shares information that helps the cause of limited government. 1,468 more words


Oh My Lord, Look At All The Sex

A lot of us want the government to stay out of our bedrooms. So why can’t we extend that to politicians? Let’s start with the media, back in 1989. 383 more words

The other Weiner

Newspapers usually verify the identity of people who write letters to the editor, but one today had me thinking the fact-checker had the day off. 204 more words


Pulque, Porn, and David [P]incher: Links You Need to See

You’re probably finding yourselves sobered after a blurry/slurry summer “sleep” by this week’s crisp fall air. And, now that you’re being forced back into reality, here are a few distractions from said reality: 317 more words

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Weiner can't even talk sports with naked models without getting grief; Updated

Given his past and resulting reputation, you might think Anthony Weiner would be a little more judicious about who he chats with on Twitter, regardless of the subject. 170 more words

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