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Last shred of Anthony Weiner's already suspect credibility now gone

At some point in time, with at least one side of the political aisle, Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner had some credibility. No more, judging from the response he gets while pretending to be a serious political guy again. 92 more words

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Weiner's sexting partner proposes her 'orgasmic' 2016 ticket

@sydneyelainexo You're not well informed—
Stevie G (@StevenGoldsch) July 16, 2014

You should take her more srsly guys. Guys? twitter.com/sydneyelainexo…

Charly J. (@chuck_dizzle) …

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Long-lost love letters reveal that former president Warren G. Harding pretty much invented sexting

Before there was John Edwards and Anthony Weiner, there was Warren G. Harding.

The New York Times released a number of scandalous letters penned by the 29th president to his longtime mistress Carrie Fulton that prove he pretty much invented the political sext. 233 more words


Dick Pics?! Guest Post by Anonymous

Let’s talk dick pics. I don’t mean the one of Nixon on the helicopter saying goodbye to the White House staff, but…stay tuned.

Women—and I do mean all women—wonder why a man would risk his marriage, career, and reputation and subject himself to public ridicule to send a selfie of his Mini-Me to some girl he has never met. 1,000 more words


What Do I Want? Glad You Asked!

A friend of mine posted this thing on Facebook.  It’s a shining example of one of those passive-aggressive/feel-good/one-upsmanship things that show up there.  My interpretation of the message is “ 475 more words

How Close Are Huma Abedin And Hillary Clinton Really? Are They Lesbian Lovers? PHOTOS | Alternative

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How Close Are Huma Abedin And Hillary Clinton Really? Are They Lesbian Lovers?


Clinton has a word with Abedin at the start of a campaign rally at Capital High School in Charleston, W.Va. 501 more words

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