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Can the Yankees Contend?

A month ago, I wrote that the Yankees GM, Brian Cashman, needed to get off his duff and get to work retooling the Yankees roster. While I would like to take credit for the moves he made since, I doubt that had anything to do with it. 793 more words


No More Junk Mail: Fellas, Please Keep the Dick Pics To Yourself

My friend Jen met a guy on Tinder who commuted from Jersey to meet her in the East Village for a drink. He didn’t offer to buy her a cocktail, but instead he asked… 728 more words

Just for the fellas: A treatise on penis photography

Hello, everyone. I hope you have all been enjoying your holiday season. And of course, no holiday is complete without some reference to dick pics… Right? 1,293 more words


This is from World Net Daily.

If Obama had any dirt on John Boehner he would be blackmailing Boehner.

After all, that is the Chicago Thug way. 445 more words

Anthony Weiner, hotdog or weiner?

Headlines I’d like to see…

One less Weiner in Congress.

Congress loses Weiner.

Pelosi says “she’s had it up to here” with Weiner.

Huma Abedin pregnant with little Weiner. 124 more words


When Tweets and Posts Become Terminal

Everyone’s heard of Death by Chocolate.  It’s when a person gorges on dark, semi-sweet and milk chocolate pastries, cakes, truffles and treats to a delectable breaking point.  450 more words

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