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Cultural Extinction

At any given time, I have about a dozen books on my shelf waiting for the right time to be read. So it was with “The Wayfinders-Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World,” by… 457 more words


Let's just pigeon-hole this...

Biologists have long been debating what exactly caused the Neanderthals to die out. Some anthropologists think that they were outcompeted by modern humans, and it has been suggested that this was because Neanderthals could only catch big game animals, while modern humans were clever enough to hunt a wider range of prey, including fish and birds. 300 more words


Biological Anthropology 2014 Lecture & Discussion Series

Myrraiel is preparing for her final exam to acquire her MA in Biological Anthropology, and she would love to help share her knowledge of the subject while also sparking discussion on your views of some of the major topics in the field. 156 more words

Second Life