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Parliamentary Outreach Drop In Session

So I was in London for about half of last week, part of what I did there was go to a drop in session run by the Parliamentary Outreach Service. 850 more words


Grade Inflation in UK Archaeology

Over the last few days I have been writing about grade inflation and how it affects job prospects and the causes of it. The reason I have been writing about grade inflation is because I took a look at the data from the UK and found it in Archaeology degrees. 699 more words


Bone Quiz 12

This morning Antonio, one of the museum security guards, brought his young daughter and niece down to the basement so they could see me at work . 436 more words


What is Causing Grade Inflation?

When I posted this wonderful graph about grade inflation (see below) Tracy came back with this thoughtful question:

 “Wow Doug!!! Those statistics are amazing. It kind of makes me wonder what goes on in college classrooms today—and why?

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