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Deep Multiplayer: Pokemon's 2000-Year History and Social Impact

Just a brief introduction here: this is a lecture given by Jared Miracle on the cultural history behind Pokemon. Tomorrow we’ll be posting a piece by Jared expanding on this material, but this video gives a great overview of his research in this area. 150 more words


Homo erectus / Not a Neurotypical Human

“A good novel tells us the truth about its hero, but a bad novel tells us the truth about the author.” G.K. Chesterton

This applies also to scientific endeavors. 125 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Bumps on the Brain / History of Psychology Concepts

Phrenology: Examining The Bumps of Your Brain


By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.
Associate Editor 

The next time you say, “so and so should have her head examined,” remember that this was literally done in the 19th century. 1,769 more words


The 'Rockstar Anthro' Round Up!: A Recap of Stuff That Happened

These were our top viewed social media posts this past week

We Can’t Breathe!

Protests denouncing police brutality and the structural violence and inequalities that has plagued Black American communities since the creation of the U.S. 449 more words


Struggling to engineer good futures

Last week I was in Washington DC at the annual conference of the American Anthropological Association. As editor of the European Association’s book series, I went to Washington primarily to find out what is happening in the discipline. 857 more words

Architectures And Designs

The NYCEP blog is up and running! Also what is NYCEP?

Much of the inspiration for me to start this blog was to help me share that which I am most passionate about: evolution, particularly in our own human lineage. 552 more words


If ‘consciousness’ is an evolutionarily advanced brain state, then why do individual humans persist in demolishing that state by means of mind-altering rituals, drugs, alcohol, poison plants and acts of extreme danger? 227 more words