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Can We Talk About That Bone Floating Around In Your Neck?

There are about 206 (with some variation) bones in an adult human skeleton. As babies, we have about 270 soft bones, but as we grow and our bodies change, certain bones begin to go through a process called ossification- the bones harden up and fuse together. 433 more words


The Bones of Monsters: Vampires (Part1)

A few days ago, an article began to circulate about a medieval burial that revealed evidence that the people of the time and area had laid a vampire to rest. 1,123 more words


Interview: Australian Original's Treaty With Egypt Unearthed

In this interview we dive into the often murky and swirling wooers of Australian archaeology and anthropology as we discuss the numerous Egyptian glyphs and how they correlate to the Original’s, Australian Indigenous, Dreamtime stories. 122 more words


'He's Not Sleep Walking; He Thinks He's Dead': Walking Corpse Syndrome

A few weeks ago, I was power streaming the television series ‘Scrubs’, and in one episode they had a patient who was walking around the ficitional Sacred Heart hospital and saying whacky things. 219 more words


Anxiety / Worse for Visual Thinkers?

Animals in the wild must deal with anxiety, but observations suggest that they are able to quickly recover, let go of the triggering incident, and go on with their activities. 537 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Happening Now! Remote Cyborg Camp @ MIT

MIT media lab is hosting a CyborgCamp as a way to explore the future relationships between humans and technology. The best part is that they will be Livestreaming the event from their site. 14 more words


The College Commitment

The price for a college education has been on the rise, forcing students and their families to incur a large amount of debt. Michael Harkin writes in his article “The Wyoming Way”, other than simply earning more money, “the value of studying science and the humanities is incalculable”. 199 more words