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What Is Culture?

If you have not yet read about the purpose of Project C², I invite you to read it first, here.

So, what is culture?  You’ll find as many definitions for it as there are dictionaries that list it and websites that reference it. 218 more words


First Forays into the Field

I spent the last two weeks on my first foray into the North, and thus begins the actual research that I will be basing this PhD on. 2,177 more words

What's happening in the Amazon

Earlier this year, it is said, members of an isolated and uncontacted Amazon tribe ventured into civilization. 505 more words


Genome from 45,000-Year-Old Leg Bone Tells us Some Things About our Neanderthal Inheritance

NPR: “Researchers have successfully decoded the genes of a 45,000-year-old man from Siberia. The results offer clues about early human life outside of Africa as well as how humans interacted with Neanderthals and other groups around at the time.” 348 more words

Guest Post: 'Glass & Metal' by Charles Hay

Charles A. Hay is currently aiming towards his next big adventure.  Prior to this he has worked as a field archaeologist throughout England for units such as Wessex Archaeology, Cambridge Archaeological Unit and the University of Sheffield.   1,676 more words