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A Journey of Rediscovery

Studying abroad in Amsterdam was a hard decision to make. “Why would I study abroad again given that I am already studying abroad in the States from China” was the question I asked a million times to myself. 871 more words

Searching the Present for Signs of the Past

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been engaging in research lately with a focus on learning about the connections between the past and the present. 1,716 more words

Rowan University

learning to question

When I was growing up, I was taught to regurgitate information. And when I answered something correctly, I was patted on the back and told I was smart. 223 more words

To Be Continued

This is Amira. She is five. In a population that exceeds 90 million people, there must be at least 27 million Egyptian children (remind me to check the accurate number later). 93 more words

Baby Philosophy

Adios Mexico City

The sun rose and shone characteristically brightly on our last day in Mexico City. It had been an epic four days, with so much to see and take in. 388 more words


Lesson I have learnt from love

I must admit that I doubted “love”, even as a metaphysical concept, all my life. I used to argue that it does not exist; chances are it probably doesn’t. 808 more words

Amir Bagheri

Cloning for Lay-Men and Women

How do you clone a dog like they did on the Channel 4 programme “The £60,000 Puppy: Cloning Man’s Best Friend” shown this week? It might seem obvious to some, but for the great majority cloning sounds like something out of science fiction. 242 more words