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Quid est veritas

Apologies that if this post is a little choppy I’m writing on my mobile.

Amongst human beings there are many different methods for classifying information as true or perhaps valid versus not-true or invalid (which depending on your schema may not be untrue). 279 more words


Last Ape Standing: The Seven-Million-Year Story of How and Why We Survived

By Chip Walter

Synopsis: Over the past 180 years scientists have sifted through evidence that at least twenty-seven human species have evolved on planet Earth. And as you may have noticed, twenty-six of them are no longer with us, done in by their environment, predators, disease, or the unfortunate shortcomings of their DNA. 280 more words


The simplest of pleas.

After 28 years of existence, all that’s in my heart can be summed up through this little clip, for this is far beyond politics. As I struggle to hold on to hope and inspiration, I also come to realize the inhumanity as individuals we represent, through our lack of compassion of each others histories and stories, that play as films in our own hearts, contrasting one another’s pain and confusion. 96 more words

Kid - Summer 2010

I wake up before Amanda does, when the sun starts warming the room through the thick plaster walls and the dogs start barking in the field behind our rented room. 309 more words


Thoughts & Movie Review on Luc Besson's, "Lucy"

As promised, I went to go see the movie Lucy after work yesterday. Here are my thoughts.

Lucy is the best movie I’ve seen this year. 471 more words

Theory & Philosophy

University of Colorado Assistant Professorship in Biological Anthropology

Deadline: September 15

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “Preference will be given to researchers whose areas of interest may complement faculty research. These areas may include human behavioral ecology, health or medicine, … 13 more words

2014 Deadlines


By the time we learn to read, we’ve already internalized a whole host of social rules telling us what we SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do in order to be accepted in society. 689 more words