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How are we different and what gave us the advantage over extinct types of humans like the Neanderthals?

n parallel with modern man (Homo sapiens), there were other, extinct types of humans with whom we lived side by side, such as… 430 more words


First Eurasians left Africa up to 130,000 years ago

A team of researchers led by the University of Tübingen’s Professor Katerina Harvati has shown that anatomically modern humans spread from Africa to Asia and Europe in several migratory movements. 572 more words


Family ties in the language jungle: Amazon language relationships revealed

The only linguistic data available for Carabayo, a language spoken by an indigenous group that lives in voluntary isolation, is a set of about 50 words. 560 more words


Rare fossilized embryos more than 500 million years old found

The Cambrian Period is a time when most phyla of marine invertebrates first appeared in the fossil record. Also dubbed the “Cambrian explosion,” fossilized records from this time provide glimpses into evolutionary biology when the world’s ecosystems rapidly changed and diversified. 423 more words


Castes and Tribes of Southern India by Edgar Thurston

Back in 1995-96, I lived in India for about one and a half years, with the initial idea of making a number of multimedia productions on Indian art, culture, and history, but ended up mostly working on Indian language dictionary databases…. 645 more words

Book Review

It's so nice to have someone who truly gives a damn about you outside of the family.

I have an anthropology professor who is now my adviser and mentor, and I’m his very first “padawan” as he calls it. So that makes me feel special. 132 more words


What is Religion? pt1

In many fields of academia there are issues and dealings with religion. How do we define it? This comes form the various ways that it is looked and and utilized in different fields. 571 more words