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Rocket Raccoon Explodes Onto The Big Screen!

Raccoons are kind of bad boys in the furry community; you might want to watch your wallet and your sister around one. While they are rascals, raccoons… 232 more words


Strong - Chapter 2 (Draft)

The crackling sounds of dying fire twitched the trembling wolf’s ears. He rose from the bush that had sheltered him from the devastating slaughter his entire family and friends had been through. 320 more words


The Yahoo of Nicholas County...

Yahoo does not always refer to a web site or a numbskull, but also to a large, bigfoot-like creature known as “the Yahoo” which frequents Nicholas County in West Virginia.  360 more words


Grafton Monster of Taylor County...

As featured in a recent episode of Mountain Monsters (S2/Ep02), the Grafton Monster of Grafton, West Virginia is a large, powerful, and elusive cryptid standing seven to eight feet tall and weighing in excess of 1,000 pounds.   318 more words