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Geico's Tasmanian Devil "Energy Drink"Commercial...

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Tazmanian Devil character in the Warner Bros. cartoon family.  Like a whirlwind on speed, he rips through the environment as a blur of motion, an animated tornado.   224 more words


Tuesday: Keep It Down

Can you hear me up there? You all that know I’m here, underneath your footfalls, sleeping for winter while the summer berry bush spurts out, filling up pre-made shells with its saps. 203 more words

Creative Writing

"Gotham's" Catwoman...

I’m always glad to see portrayed the character of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.  In the new series Gotham airing on the Fox network, we are introduced to a young version of the character, depicted as a street urchin and thief with impressive gymnastic skills and of course, cat-like moves.   226 more words


Stephen Gibb

Stephen Gibb paints comically unsettling bits of surreal scenery, teeming with anthropomorphic foods, inanimate objects and animals.

One of my favorite things about art in this vein is that it seems to gently hint at some rather serious themes…while never taking itself too seriously. 99 more words


Guest post: "Anthropomorphic Diversity" by Lauren Rivers

Anthropomorphic Diversity

by Lauren Rivers

When writing anthropomorphic fiction, one of the major elements is determining the species and the variety of your cast members. One of your first decisions is should they all be of the same race. 614 more words

The dream that left me behind

I knew I was almost at the end of my dream.

Almost. I’ve been in this dream and it’s variations so many times before, that I can tell that it’s ending, where the part about his history is revealed, where the promises are finally broken and where all hopes slowly die out. 1,202 more words