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Tree Head Sketch

Decided to post something new today. And by new I mean new.  Not new as in different, new as in… new.

Newadjective \ˈnü, … 285 more words


Hedda Torgersen's Anthropomorphic Boo Lamp To Be Exhibited At 100% Norway

Bergen Academy of Art and Style student Hedda Torgersen created this desk lamp to appear like a “extended-legged character”.
Hedda Torgersen’s Boo lamp attributes a porcelain or Corian tubular “head” and spindly strong ash “legs” that give it the… by… 8 more words

Hello Kitty & Jollibee

So recent news spread that the iconic Hello Kitty of Japan is apparently not a cat. But, Sanrio, the creator of the cat, explained that, “Hello Kitty is a feline—just an anthropomorphic one.” If we take this in, which isn’t really a lot to take in, Sanrio basically tells us that she is a cat but she just acts human. 254 more words


This morning I decided to get myself a coffee on my way into work. As I watch the machine it seems to make two eyes in a frothy face. 31 more words

Rants And Musings

Guest post: "Writing Furry Speculative Fiction" by Mary E. Lowd

Writing Furry Speculative Fiction

by Mary E. Lowd

My favorite books as a kid were all about talking animals. As I got older, it got harder to find those sorts of books. 840 more words