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The Monstering of Glenn Hoddle

In an excellent talk given to the ASGB 2014 Summer Conference by Alan Swindell (principal of the Steiner Academy Exeter), he reminded us of what had happened to Glenn Hoddle when he expressed in an interview some thoughts on karma and reincarnation. 636 more words

Making a living.

There are so many Steiner businesses, and somehow the people involved must be making sufficient money to live – but how?

Internationally, nationally and locally money is being made, but it is not immediately obvious where this comes from. 728 more words


Without the ability to perceive super sensibly, it is not possible to have insight into the being of man

What does one really gain through this spiritual science as I now sketched in broad outline? Above all one gains true knowledge of the human being. 56 more words


Men regard it as a tremendously noble thing to repent of a deed  

Men regard it as a tremendously noble thing to repent of a deed; but that is not the best that can be done with a deed; for often repentance is based upon sheer egoism: one would like to have done something better in order to be a better man. 177 more words


Imponderables: insubstantial matters; incalculable influences  

Up to around the seventh year the child is a mimicking being. I do not say this because of some mystical inclination on my part concerning the number seven, but because the change of teeth is effectively an important juncture in the whole life development of the child. 172 more words


British Values

Steiner schools have an agenda; that much is clear from their promotional material. You may read the phrases “child-centred” “holistic” and “creative” as harmless, even positively beneficial, or perhaps you look deeper and realise they are important in an entirely different way to staff and families who *know* about how anthroposophy works. 724 more words