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My Anti-Bucket List REVEALED!

If there’s anyone here who has not heard of the anti-bucket list let me explain.. Just add “I will never”/”I hope to never” in front of these statements, and there you have it! 281 more words

Life Story

My anti-bucket list

My brain is on overload. This day has completely slipped away. I don’t have the time I like to really process out the thoughts swimming around my brain to write about what I had planned, the things that have been keeping me awake at night. 250 more words


My Not-On-Bucket-List List

I don’t know about you but I find it incredibly liberating when I come across an idea or a potential that I definitely DON’T want to try. 946 more words

The Anti-Bucket List Post

Weeks and months have evaporated into the vaults of history since I last visited my own blog site. The two month period since book-marked in the memory bank with fond recollections of holidaying back in the UK with my kids, and then re-engaging in Saigon life following our return. 979 more words


BJ's Anti-Bucket List

Several months ago I posted my bucket list – all those things I’m aspiring to do before I die.  Some of them are silly.  Some of them may not ever really happen.   300 more words

BJ's Two Cents

My anti-bucket list

Everybody is always talking about what’s on there bucket list. I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept. I’m making one that declares what I NEVER want to do before I die. 145 more words