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My Anti-Bucket List

Hey guys,

I thought it would be cool if I did an anti-bucket list. Basic, everything I never want to do.
So here it goes. Tell me if you have an anti-bucket list. 256 more words

The Anti-Bucket List

 Ever since Morgan Freeman made that far-fetched movie, everyone has been using the term “Bucket List”. It’s become some mystical and unattainable list of things that people keep adding newer and more expensive things to that they will likely never accomplish. 624 more words


The anti-bucket list: 10 things I don't want to do before I die.

10: Anal

9: Cannibalism

8: Swim with sharks

7: A vampire facelift

6: Climb mountains

5: Swim across oceans

4: Be a part of human trafficking… 12 more words


There's a hole in my bucket list

Last week, I went on a hot air balloon ride. My sister and I had bought the ride as a gift for my Dad’s sixtieth birthday and my sister thought it would be nice if we both joined him. 1,375 more words