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Why would energy costs be so burdensome--we elected a villain as pres

The cost of energy climbs, the costs of fuels escalates. Does that make sense given recent discoveries of unlimited resources? Only if a monster is in the white house, the green monster.


Why I Love... #69: Sympathy For Mr Vengeance

Year: 2002

Director: Park Chan-Wook

Stars: Song Kang-Ho (Park Dong-Jin), Shin Ha-Kyun (Ryu), Doona Bae (Cha Yeong-Mi), Lim Ji-Eun (Ryu’s Sister), Han Bo-Bae (Yu-Sun)

Genre: Crime Thriller… 1,154 more words

Why I Love...

The (Lazy) 100th Post Spectacular!

…Or something like that.

First off, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who supports the site. Those who “like” the posts via Word Press and follow the blog. 553 more words


"Work: The Theft of Life", by Wolfi Landstreicher

(Nick’s Notes: You can find this article here.)

“What is the bombing of a judge, the kidnapping of an industrialist,

the hanging of a politician, the shooting of a cop,

1,050 more words

Kropotkin: This is a Strike (1889)

In August 1889, London dockworkers went on strike. The anarchist communist, Peter Kropotkin, recognized the significance of the event, and published the article below in September 1889. 1,100 more words


On Technology

First, we should note the contradiction between our experiment in rebellion and the medium through which it must be expressed—an Internet blog. Our experiment despises advertising as a mark both of the commodification of space and of the colonization of our thoughts, yet this blog at times displays advertisements. 847 more words


The Experiment

Xi Draconis, an orange giant star, shines one hundred thirteen light years away from Earth in the constellation Draco, a serpent people of the ancient world saw slithering in the sky. 752 more words