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A force for reaction?

Part of the problem with condemning whole sets of ideas is that, if one offers no counter-argument, one does two things: make it seem as though those ideas are interesting and threatening; and convey the impression you are a narrow-minded authoritarian with no response other than suppression. 698 more words



We live, in the West, in a society where knowledge of the context in which religious matters should be discussed is at such a low level that much of what passes for public discourse would disgrace a society which realised it; it is a further mark of the paucity of knowledge that the leaders of our society do not realise it, either. 518 more words


French Jesuit journal to feature anti-Catholic cartoons in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo

Catholic Conclave: “We are Charlie” – How not to be indignant at the murder committed in cold blood? The attack that killed 12 people in the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo fills us with horror. 129 more words


Mike Huckabee's Anti-Catholic Problem

Deal W. Hudson

Published January 2, 2008

Author’s note: I no longer consider Pastor John Hagee as anti-Catholic. What happened, however, with Rev. Tim Rude and Tim LaHaye remains relevant to Huckabee as a political candidate. 749 more words


Myths and legends

One of the interesting things about Bosco’s response to the short series on salvation, is that it is formed of the following mixture: old anti-Catholic myths propagated on websites which even he ought to be able to see are far from reliable; scuttlebutt about various sinners and their activities (as though there was any branch of human activity which lacked them); and misrepresentations of what Catholics actually believe. 498 more words


Eating Together: Frequent Communion part 2

Part 1

Most churches don’t practice frequent communion. At least that’s what we want to think, but that’s because we grew up without communion every week. 623 more words