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Reason & Faith 4

This is the hardest post for me to write in this series because it goes back to conversations between Quiavideruntoculi and me regarding his question, “What keeps you from the Catholic faith?” I think the tone and sentiment of this post will be much like two earlier posts of mine: … 1,341 more words


Reason & Faith 2

Many of you here will know that Quiavideruntoculi is a friend of mine. You will have also noticed that we are quite different in our ecclesiology and other areas of doctrine. 1,059 more words


Authority, obedience and conscience

At last night’s Newman Lectures at the University of East Anglia, the Rev. Professor John Morrill, one of the most distinguished historians of early modern England, and a Deacon in the Catholic Church, gave a fascinating lecture on ‘Dungeon, fire and sword’ – a sweeping panorama of the history of English Catholicism since the Reformation. 554 more words


"Hell-bound idolaters"

I recognise where this sort of language comes from:

Dont apologize to these hell bound idolaters. The unsaved religious need to know their religion is useless. 1,006 more words


Paddling in the sewage

Shock horror! Once one gets through the over-dramatic title, music and over-blown rhetoric of what Struans posted earlier, it appears there may be corruption in a bank – shock-horror! 523 more words


Providing perspective

In his memoir, The Seven Storey Mountain, Thomas Merton wrote that mainstream American and English culture has a built-in anti-Catholic bias that closed his mind, and many others, to the good things done by the Catholic Church. 286 more words