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We can do magic?

Amongst regular, and even irregular, readers of AATW, there tends to be unanimity on little; complaining about Bosco, however, is one of the exceptions. A recent comment from a new reader was to the effect that he seemed to be the worst sort of Protestant anti-Catholic bigot; there have even been times when it has been suggested that he is some sort of plant designed to make Protestantism look bad; but experience suggests he is sincere. 508 more words


Taking sides

Before I crossed the Tiber, Orthodox friends warned me not to. One of their more telling arguments was that were I to do so I would simply find myself back where I had been as an Anglican, with all the familiar stuff about women’s ministry and homosexuality, as well as arguments about liturgical texts and styles; why, the argument went, go back to all of that when you can stay in the unchanging Orthodox Church where none of these things are up for discussion? 655 more words


Nationalism: Playing with Fire

Many polytheistic and animistic religions have a focus on the sacred nature of fire- the hearth-fire is central in Gaelic, Hellenic and many other traditions. We use fire to cook our food and keep us warm, but also to bless our homes, give sacrifices and to celebrate. 761 more words

Working with the Spirit

We’ve had, as one or two of you have commented, some intense arguments here, and it was always thus. If there is a doctrinal deposit to Christianity, if it is more than just believeing Jesus was a cool sort of guy, some precursor of a hippy from 1968 saying ‘peace and love’, then we are bound to engage in arguments, and they are bound to get heated. 543 more words


Reason & Faith Revisted

My regular readers will notice that I have not written a post for a long time (although I have been somewhat active in the comments section). 997 more words


Using words

Today’s Gospel is plain enough, Jesus tells the Jews that unless they eat his body and his blood they cannot be saved; the bread and the wine of the Eucharist are his body and blood; many of his own followers leave him. 510 more words



Our (relatively) new friend, Jim, poses an excellent question on his blog, and as it is one we wrestle with here, I’d advise anyone interested to read his interesting treatment of it. 646 more words