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Myths and legends

One of the interesting things about Bosco’s response to the short series on salvation, is that it is formed of the following mixture: old anti-Catholic myths propagated on websites which even he ought to be able to see are far from reliable; scuttlebutt about various sinners and their activities (as though there was any branch of human activity which lacked them); and misrepresentations of what Catholics actually believe. 498 more words


Eating Together: Frequent Communion part 2

Part 1

Most churches don’t practice frequent communion. At least that’s what we want to think, but that’s because we grew up without communion every week. 623 more words

Mike Huckabee's Anti-Catholic Problem

Deal W. Hudson
Published January 2, 2008

Gov. Mike Huckabee will be a major player in the run for the GOP presidential nomination regardless of whether he finishes first or second in the Iowa Caucus. 720 more words


What can be known of God?

The short answer to the question which stands at the head of this post is ‘what He has revealed’. Even that poses a problem, for there are, of course, those who make claim to a personal revelation. 660 more words


David Freddoso 'mocks the hell out of' NYT's anti-Catholic dig [pics]

A New York Times op-ed about the Supreme Court deciding to hear the latest challenge to Obamacare includes a not so subtle sneer at the one of the left’s favorite bugaboos—the number of Catholics on the Supreme Court. 325 more words


Religious Liberty?

We are, we’re told, seeing less ‘religious liberty’ in the world. We might remind ourselves, before we succumb to feelings of outrage, that the Catholic Church does not have a good record when it comes to this concept. 575 more words


Secret Origins: Anarchist Behind "Anonymous" Symbol & V for Vendetta

If you missed summer’s anarchy and comics exhibit, you might not know the history behind one of today’s most powerful symbols of political upheaval: the Guy Fawkes mask. 91 more words