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Houston Mayor says men can use ladies’ room; city subpoenas sermons of pastors who disagree

Clashes between evangelical Christians and the gay community are hardly news. Because I think people’s private lives should be private, nine times out of ten, I take the side of the gay community. 641 more words

Your Business Is Their Business

Banning Halloween

I actually wrote this post you are about to read in October 2005. Nine years ago! That’s when I started my original, relatively short-lived, now defunct blog, “They Took an X-Ray of My Head and Found Nothing,” on Blogger. 755 more words


Obama's Department of Defense Declares War on Climate Change!!

Do Not Believe in the Global Warming Hoax!!

Click to view official PDF of Obama’s Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap

It is a Tale, Told by an Idiot, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing!! 652 more words


WTF?!? So Gay Rights Trump Everyone Else's Rights?

From The Blaze
Oct. 13, 2014 8:57am | By Billy Hallowell

This Guy Cited His Christian Faith in Refusing to Make T-Shirts Advertising a Gay Pride Parade — and Now His Company Is Being Punished… 123 more words