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The message remains the same, as it has been throughout history: "Obey or suffer."

Individual disobedience or even mere failure to “produce” in spite of the individual’s best efforts will result in stigmatization, marginalization, a degrading dependency on the state and, as state support for the economically disengaged is cut back and removed, starvation, homelessness and imprisonment; even the fact of homelessness is defined as a criminal offense by more local jurisdictions with each passing year. 677 more words


Every Minute of Every Day: Patriarchy & Being Male

A vast and beautiful body of work concerning patriarchy and its insidious and traumatic effects on women already exists. In my experience, however, literature concerning how patriarchy infiltrates and destroys male interactions and the psychological and emotional health of males is somewhat rare. 1,906 more words


Italy: Sabotage spreads

from non-fides, with the help of google translate

ItalieĀ : Les sabotages se propagent

Bologna, 4:30 Tuesday, 23 December 2014. A sabotage causing havoc in rail traffic. 516 more words


Civilization and Its Stultifying Consequences

Stultify. As a verb, it means a number of things. In the archaic legal sense of the word, it means “to allege or prove to be of unsound mind and hence not responsible”. 3,130 more words


Toward a Stronger Primitivism: Logical & Linguistic Failures in the Primitivist Critique and the Effort to Remedy Them


Before I jump into this piece, I want to establish concretely, for the sake of those who don’t know me or my work, that I am an ardent primitivist. 2,197 more words