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nuclear catastrophe in new mexico: Crews retreat after nuclear material found, Robots brought in, radiation too high for humans

i don’t want to sound alarmist, but because the authorities are dragging their feet, people affected by the leaking radioactive particles from the WIPP nuclear waste storage facility may not be able to be evacuated – they are radioactive biohazards by now. 1,143 more words


canadian mining company has community defense activists assaulted, murdered in guatemala

Late on Sunday night, Alex Reynoso and Merilyn Topacio Reynoso, father and daughter activists involved in the resistance against Canadian company Tahoe Resources’ Escobal Mine in Guatemala, were attacked by unknown suspects. 361 more words


indigenous elders and forest defense activists face increasing violence from corportations and police

By Michelle Tullo Inter Press (IPS)

Indigenous leaders are warning of increased violence in the fight to save their dwindling forests and ecosystems from extractive companies. 397 more words


lakota people ask for support to block keystone xl pipeline

Lakota and allies asking for gear to supply frontline fight against the Keystone XL. The Lakota have sworn to not let the pipeline through their lands, but need your help. 15 more words


Excerpts from "Reflections On the End of Work" by Jeff Shantz

Although I don’t necessarily agree with all of it (it seems to point any and all futurists or those interested in technologies potential for liberation as non-libertarian/anarchist) I think it makes this split apparent and its a good one to discuss either way: 749 more words



This is written…poorly.

But also written to people who refuse to listen to arguments against their so called “faith” in…well really anything. Being open minded does not mean you lose your faith basis, however, you may learn something if you are willing to listen, but if not…you come across as kind of an asshole. 252 more words


"The open veins of Latin America are still bleeding"

In Bolivia, indigenous movements are organizing against the environmental devastation that accompanies mining and other extractive industries.

“The open veins of Latin America are still bleeding,” Mama Nilda Rojas, a leader of the dissident indigenous organization  CONAMAQ, told me in a recent interview in La Paz, Bolivia. 460 more words