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Disrespecting the Flag: Communism or an American Right?

Upon considering America’s personal meaning to me, I realized that I had stumbled upon yet another great contradiction. The first thoughts that came to my mind when thinking of America were images of the burning American flag during the protests in Ferguson and of the American Humanist Association’s recent protest against the Pledge of Allegiance. 485 more words

The Passing of Ambassador Robert E. White

The US involvement in Central America during the Carter and Reagan Administrations is a black eye at best and a national disgrace at its worst. Much was lost: prestige, common sense, a sense of proportionality, and honestly the country’s moral compass. 266 more words

US-Latin American Relations

today's birthday: Pope Pius V 225th Pontiff (1566 - 1572): January 17, 1566

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Pope Saint Pius V (17 January 1504 – 1 May 1572), born Antonio Ghislieri (from 1518 called Michele Ghislieri, O.P. 826 more words

Hellfire club

Robert Oppenheimer is the most tragic public figure of the twentieth century.

One doesn’t see crazy anti-communist paranoia much anymore.

Whatever happened to existentialism?

It is ironic (and common) that people who lack culture fight against “losing” what they never possessed. 20 more words


Nicholas Berdyaev, "Christianity and Anti-Semitism," 1948

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn regarded Berdyaev as possibly the greatest anti-communist thinker to come out of Revolutionary Russia.

Here, translated, is a piece he wrote on anti-Semitism.  Fascinating.

berdayeav 1949 christianity and anti semitism

Banned but still Paul Robeson sings across the ocean

Hat tip to Jeff Sawtell for this reminder of a childhood trip to hear Paul Robeson. This fascinating account shows how pioneering telephone technology enabled the great progressive singer to overcome the ban on foreign travel imposed in the land of the free and sing for a British audience.