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Crises in science and technology policy and the rise of anti-consumerism

I have been at a conference last week hosted by OECD on Improving Risk Regulation. Several themes and several areas of regulation were tackled. An interesting message I took home was that it is vital for policy-makers to identify, timely and appropriately, a crisis. 530 more words

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Protect what matters

There are a lot of things in life that I wouldn’t mind owning. I’m a collector by nature. I like to HAVE a lot of things, even frivolous things, like cross-stitch Art with sayings from my favourite television shows and bell jars with tiny plastic deer inside.  484 more words


Consumerism and Planned Obsolescence

In honor of the new iPhone, I have been thinking over the overwhelming annoyance that is consumerism. There is a hysteria over this new phone. There always is. 948 more words

Chaya! Why isn't EVERYONE growing this?

The easiest plant in the garden.  Bugs don’t bother it.  Propagation is as easy as breaking a piece off and sticking in the ground.  It’s super high in nutrients.   225 more words


Sabbath Serpentine

I was an Australian champion marching girl in my teens and now administer a Facebook group Marching Girls with over 700 members.  Marching has always been a reasonably affordable sport due to the instructors, judges and chaperones volunteering their time, compared for example, to ballet where its teachers charge a fee.  379 more words


Just how expensive is baby food?

I’ll say at the beginning that the act of buying baby food bemuses me more than a little. But then again, I’ve grown up in a household where cooking all ones’ meals is completely normal, where we were given all foods as little people, and where my toddler now eats everything from broccoli to sauerkraut simply because she has been exposed to it. 549 more words


Food Waste vs Ingenuity in Action

We’ve all heard the stats on food waste. Australia alone wastes up to 30% of its food, at a estimated cost of $5 billion a year (One Million Women 2014). 1,137 more words

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