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anti-consumerism and the bunny


This will be about anti-consumerism (and my lame attempt at telling a joke in Japanese).

(As you’ve probably figured out already) I’m Eastern European, which means that (by definition) I stand against consumerism. 686 more words

Romanian Sutras

Notes on Consumerism

I’ve been watching the first episode of a BBC2 series ‘The Men Who Made Us Spend’- it is all about how consumerism is perpetually driven by product lifespans and ‘upgrades’. 254 more words



I love sex too much to let it be corrupted by advertising or society. God is everyone. But, my mirrored sunglasses reflect Hell on Earth. Work ruins lives. 48 more words


My life is my world.  They’re all a bunch of corporate gang bangers.  I avenge the dead.  What did a stoner ever do to them?  I’m the cool God.   34 more words

Anyone else feel anxiety at the mall?

Limiting one’s desires actually helps to cure one of fear.

~ Seneca “Letters from a Stoic”

Having teens I’m coming to the conclusion that they naturally gravitate to the mall like a fly to stink. 478 more words


It's Too Bad

I’m hogtied.  Your two cents are what I get paid.  But, thinking for myself is priceless.  God save us all.  But, like Michael Jackson said, “the kid is not my son”.

I Think I'm Dumb

Kurt Cobain died for our sins.  Society is evil.  Money isn’t the answer.  I’m bursting with depression.  I can’t face my fear.  I take it personally.   11 more words