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It's a fentanyl patch day and I am sure some can relate...

It’s hard just to gather my thoughts to be coherent but I found a new article yesterday but since it is in medicalese language I had trouble understanding it and had to spend a lot of time re-reading bits over and over again. 781 more words

The Mourning Report

There are too many thoughts racing through my crooked mind, crashing on the rocks, turning to foam and then to indistinguishable air. No ether though. Not yet. 988 more words

Mad Ruminations

Robin Williams' Death: Raising awareness about depression from those we wouldn't expect

Darren Shaw tells Flock To The Crown his thoughts on the death of the movie star, Robin Williams and its link to depression.

Last week, Hollywood Actor, Robin Williams committed suicide at his home in Tiburon (Northern California). 777 more words


Depression Hurts: Healing Holistically

by Jennifer B. Christensen

Depression Affects EVERYONE!

There have been a couple of times in my life where I hit a mental health “bottom” and felt that I would never see the light of day again. 1,073 more words

Healthy Body

The Anti-depressant 'Filler' In The Treatment 'Gap' Is The Real Killer

Which anti-depressant’s were prescribed to Martin Strain? What dose was he on? and for how long? It’s the anti-depressants and psych drugs which are pushing people over the edge. 993 more words


Exiting an existential crisis (hopefully)!

About six weeks ago, I stopped taking my anti-depressants. I did not intend to. I simply realised after a few days that I had forgotten to take them and thought ‘I feel ok, so I might as well stop taking them.’ On a serious note, NEVER do this. 995 more words

Tips For Dealing With Depression.

Is It Right for Christians to Take Anti-Depressants?

If you struggle with depression and wonder “Is It Right for Christians to Take Anti-Depressants” then this article by Dr. Russell Moore should be a source of encouragement for you. 961 more words