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When the @unt Start to Fly!

“Here we go again. The lies, the anger, the bitterness, the name calling. I can only take it for so long before I fight back. And then it’s just a cluster fuck of confrontation. 470 more words


My Life Changing Detox Experiment

It depends what happens in the next few months, but I think that this summer may go down in my personal history as The Summer I Fixed Myself.  3,179 more words


Sex and the Manic Mind

“What is this incessant need you have to prove to yourself and others that you’re sexy and desirable? It’s not good enough that you go out and flirt with other women or engage with them on social media. 317 more words


Music and Mood: A Study

Earlier this year as part of a research project, I started my investigation into the connection between music preference mood in people suffering from Depression. Below I have a short excerpt from the paper: 391 more words


I Married a 16 Year Old Boy

“Mr. Bipolar,

I love you with all my heart and whether you believe it or not, I would do anything for you. It is with a heavy soul I write this. 673 more words


Online Dating Sites Are Filled with Manic Bipolars!

“I got in your car and you leaned into me.

Too fast. It all began too fast and was so all consuming. The exhilaration of a new relationship to me, I realize now was just a manic phase for you. 226 more words


“Isn’t there something lost in taking drugs?” I asked him.  “A great deal would be lost if we had medication that eliminated sadness,” he said. “We need sadness to have our basic human experiences of love and connectedness. 62 more words