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Fighting Back

Please welcome first-time contributor Chris Lee, a fourth year college student in Iowa. Chris was diagnosed with depression in the spring of 2013 while a student at college, but had suffered from anxiety and suicidal thoughts through much of high school. 322 more words


Of Meds and Monsters

A doctor first prescribed anti-depressants for me when I was 16, telling me they were sleeping pills (what the fuck?!).  I was having problems that year – sleeping, eating, anxiety, depression – but no one got me the help I needed.  714 more words


Socially Anxious Me

I have been socially anxious for as long as I can remember.  Even as a child I can remember dreading social situations and I hated going to parties. 861 more words

Social Anxiety

Melancholy Thursdays

With the family gone, down I continue to go on the Cymbalta journey. Each night I open up the capsule and take a few more little beads out, I count them down. 354 more words


How do you know when to come off anti-depressants?

Medication can play a vital role in managing mental health issues. I’ve been on an anti-depressant called Dosulepin since December 2009 and at the end of last year, felt stable enough to try to come off it. 941 more words

Mental Health

It's a fentanyl patch day and I am sure some can relate...

It’s hard just to gather my thoughts to be coherent but I found a new article yesterday but since it is in medicalese language I had trouble understanding it and had to spend a lot of time re-reading bits over and over again. 781 more words

The Mourning Report

There are too many thoughts racing through my crooked mind, crashing on the rocks, turning to foam and then to indistinguishable air. No ether though. Not yet. 988 more words