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Pressing Pause

For the last 41 years I have pretty much lived life at full tilt. Growing up, school, uni, jobs, boyfriends, fiance, marriage, moving to Spain via Greece, kids, jobs, family, friends, chores, commitments, meetings, house maintenance, dogs….You get the idea. 126 more words


Untitled: An Imperfect Haiku

No longer creative,
I am “happy” but empty.
Thanks, Wellbutrin.™

–J. Amy Amy 2014


If you’d like to contact me about this post or about anything else you’ve read please email me: judyamy74(at)gmail.com or tweet me @JudyAmy74. 8 more words


The Long Black Tunnel of Depression

As we waved good-bye to our friend who had come to visit for a few days, I felt a wave of nausea sweep over me – and as my husband closed the door behind our friend, I was vomiting in the bathroom. 2,951 more words


No worries. No fear. No passion...

Anyone who has followed me for a while may have noticed that I stopped writing.  I stopped writing this blog.  I continued to post on my Facebook page, but they were short, sweet but quite shallow updates.  1,182 more words


Heartbreak is part of life

We all go through this it’s not always necessarily a romantic relationship. It can be a friend, family or seeing something happening.
The most important part of heartbreak is the lesson you suppose to learn and how it will shape you. 568 more words


Thanksgiving...Giving thanks...Its a verb, that's what's happening!

The other day I was invited to spend a couple of hours with the remarkable men and women of Open Door Community in Atlanta.  It’s a residential community that proclaims the beloved community by opening doors, kitchens, closets and clinics; opening hearts, souls and minds  to “some of the most neglected and outcast of God’s children: the homeless and our sisters and brothers who are in prison.” 315 more words


My emotions have been like birds in a cage. And now that the cage is slowly opening they are taking their chance to swoop and dive and soar. 323 more words