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Feeling Low and Unattached....

I still haven’t posted about my postnatal depression. I’m scared that going over it all gain in my head will make the bad thoughts come back. 436 more words

The Catch-22 of Social Anxiety

There’s a Catch-22 with social anxiety disorder that makes it different from other medical conditions, in that the medical condition itself prevents you from getting treatment for said medical condition.  756 more words

Social Anxiety

Day 11

Things are starting to look up for me. Yesterday afternoon and so far today has been pretty nice. I think my medication is finally starting to kick in. 283 more words


3. PMDD, if you have it, you know it.

Oh people, why? Why, why, why?  Did I make this a topic? Akin to writing about religion or politics this subject is one to tread very lightly around. 307 more words

Santa Croce

I suppose – it goes – that once someone surrenders to putting an end to it all, she wants her life on earth to be over as soon as possible. 381 more words

Also, I wrote

January 2015

At this writing I consider burning a candle

To be an action worthy of reporting.

Proud of the accomplishment, I would say

Today “I did laundry and burnt a candle.” 174 more words

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs...

I had a medication review this week for my anti-depressants. I’ve been struggling recently, feeling anxious and irritable and stressed at work and at home. 809 more words