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Christmas, is the Time to Say I Love You: Good Luck When Your Spirit Has Been Crushed

It was a simple text, “How are you?” I wish I could answer. I’m just at a loss anymore as to how I am supposed to answer.  474 more words


A Journal Writer’s Roadmap to Her Potential Diagnosis: BiPolar Mixed? Major Depressive D.O.? PTSD? Anxiety? WTH is wrong with me?

In an effort to figure out what the hell happened to me this October, I decided to start ransacking my basement and attic for all my old journals, and especially for my old hospital records from June of 1995. 692 more words


Has Black Box Warning on Anti-depressants been Detrimental?

In 2004 the FDA issued a “Black Box” warning on antidepressants suggesting that these drugs were connected with a rise in suicidal thinking, feelings and behaviours in young individuals. 376 more words


Melancholic Tendencies, Responsibility Over Emotions and Anti-Depressants

I have quite a high propensity for melancholy. As far as I’m aware I do not choose this melancholy; upsetting thoughts or senses creep up on me and the only thing I have the power to do about it is either ignore such thoughts and senses or succumb to them in some way – and it is all too easy to succumb to my melancholic feelings because I’ve always seemed to be especially emotionally sensitive and tended to… 1,087 more words


The Day After

This had to be one of the worst and longest work days of my life. I’ve went off my meds before as an experiment but it was never this bad. 109 more words


Another Morning After

True to my word I did not get high last night. It was the first night in a long time where I was completely… 674 more words


Living on medication part two

…where was I? Ah yes. The no medication days. So I’ve been on medication for more or less two years but I made the decision back in summer 2013 that I didn’t need it and I didn’t want to be on medication to make me happy anymore. 604 more words