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I've always been rubbish at taking meds.

I’m so very tired again. Probably should admit defeat and go back on the Valdoxan (Agomelatine).

I disliked how snappy it was making me. But it did reduce the fatigue. 405 more words

Medicine Free

This last month has been a rollercoaster. The anxiety medicine I was taking made me feel horrible. I had nonstop headaches and felt irritable constantly. I talked to my doctor and came to the conclusion that it was time to try managing my anxiety without medicine. 262 more words


Let's talk about mass shootings.

Following a tragedy, there’s always the rhetoric surrounding the question: “What caused this to happen?” The trend that happens around a mass shooting is the kneejerk reaction to talk about gun control and mental illness. 519 more words

The mean reds, pinks, blues

I’ve struggled with many ups and downs in my life. I’m not talking bipolar highs and lows here. I’m talking depressed and then not so depressed. 411 more words


Friday links

  1. A last link on the facebook saga makes the observation that if facebook just includes some randomness in all decisions of what to show on the stream (which they might do just to improve their service), then any study which leverages this is a randomized observational study.

  2. 153 more words

Independent Women (New Job!)

The past few weeks I’ve been commuting to a job that didn’t pay very well. The restaurant was an hour and a half away . I was appreciative of it and got along well with my co-workers, but I was making $5 an hour plus $20 in tips at best. 488 more words