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There is a repetitive rhythm, more train-on-track than song, that sounds a little like this in my mind: “If you were if you were if you were if you were….” If I were more beautiful, if I were more intelligent, if I were more ambitious, compassionate, patient, talented; it’s an unanswerable fill in the blank quiz, failed before the pen has been picked up to begin. 793 more words


Get up!

My husband and I saw Ziggy Marley perform the other night.  I heard a new song of his, “I Get Up” that just about brought tears to my eyes. 252 more words

What's normal?

After a rather protracted trough I think I am now being dosed with a large enough dose of anti-depressants to make me feel normal, or abnormal – depending on perspective! 223 more words

Death, Rebirth and Emerging Anew

I seem to be going through some kind of rebirth.

  • I have been surrounded by synchronicities of death in the last week. No one I know personally, but, others.
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Farewell, medication!

Saturday will be a big day. A celebration of sorts. A turning point for my family.

On Saturday Morning my husband take his last anti-depressant tablet. 1,334 more words

Lysol and Anti-bacterial Wipes For Ebola? Are You Serious?

I am shocked at the number of people inquiring about the effectiveness of Lysol on the Ebola virus.  If killing the Ebola virus was as simple as dousing it with Lysol then we wouldn’t have a whole lot to worry about, now would we?   398 more words


My distorted reality.

My body won’t stop crying lately. No matter what I do, I keep randomly breaking down even when I didn’t know anything was wrong. It’s what the stupid black cloud does to me, I guess. 401 more words