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Reaching out across the divide

Its important we talk to our neighbours across the divide. For if we don’t we will find ourselves drifting apart. Its all fine seeing politicians from republican and unionist backgrounds mixing and talking to each other, but where it really counts is in among the people. 213 more words

Here is why Jeremy Clarkson needs to fuck off !

He is no stranger to controversy, no doubt the words that come out of his hate filled mouth brings out the worst in society. It hasn’t really been his year, this year. 257 more words

Support the Anti-Fascist 3 Fundraiser, Oxford 24th October.

Three Anti-Fascists with stories to tell about their experiences confronting fascists in Oxford, London, and Brighton. Two arrests and one set of smashed teeth Facebook event… 104 more words


Revolution will win in Kobanê! Statement of Revolutionary Anarchist Action-DAF

Statement of Revolutionary Anarchist Action-DAF affiliated to International of Anarchist Federations

Published on Thursday, 09 October 2014 16:14

Our Comrades in Boydê Village Reports

It’s the 24th day of ISIS attacks on Kobanê. 477 more words