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normalize this, zionist thugs!

Nor·mal·i·za·tion: a “colonization of the mind” whereby the oppressed subject comes to believe that the oppressor’s reality is the only “normal” reality…and that the oppression is a fact of life that must be coped with. 238 more words


BK/NY - Friday, July 25th - Day of Solidarity With Antifascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman

WHAT: International Day of Solidarity
WHEN: 7:00pm, Friday, July 25th
WHERE: The Base1302 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 (directions below) 308 more words


The thriving Spanish town of Marinaleda runs on the principles of mutual aid and direct action

The currency of direct action

As the Spanish economy continues its post-2008 nosedive, unemployment sits at 26 percent nationally, while over half of young people can’t find work. 559 more words


Leaked Report Shows Western Ukraine Set to Host Return of Ashkenazi Khazarai's from Israel in Exchange for Israeli Military Aid

The Times of Israelhas reported that teh Ukraine Junta has agreed to host the return of thousands of Ashkenazi Khazarai’s from Israel in Exchange for Israeli Military Aid to support its attack on sepertists in Eastern Ukraine. 2,499 more words

North West London gets organised against the fascists: From AFN.

A new community coalition has been formed in North West London in order to oppose the second attempt of the fascist ‘South East Alliance’ to march in Cricklewood on July 19th. 342 more words


Post-release Statement From Cody Lee Sutherlin (Tinley Park Five)

Here is Cody Lee Sutherlin’s post-release statement. Please keep in mind that two of his brothers are still locked up and that there is an active… 305 more words