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STATE OF EMERGENCY IN SPAIN: spanish authorities begin crackdown on anarchist social centers, protests erupt nationwide

the thing to keep in mind with this development is that these demos are illegal, taking pictures of the police is illegal, reporting on police activity is illegal – unless you only regurgitate officially-sanctioned press releases. 346 more words


to all those who can't breath

To All Those Who Cant Breathe from Seneca Forest on Vimeo.

Mike Brown
Tamir Rice
Akai Gurley
Daniel Levitt
Kimani Grey
Remi Fraisse…

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From Ferguson to New York to Ulster

I can only show my utmost sympathy towards the African American Community of the United States. As I watched the murder of Mr Eric Garner which began with a  cop getting Garner into a choke hold position for  allegedly standing on the street corner selling illegal cigarettes (a petty crime that does not deserve a death sentence) his last words were “I cant breath” words couldn’t express my anger when I heard the cop that murdered him got away with it. 203 more words