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What happens when MRA’s can’t hold their own on Wikipedia? They just make another wiki where their ideas won’t be challenged and they can link back to their own echo chamber. 580 more words


Random Headlines -- 4/17/14

Feministing – Katherine Cross writes about the “unacknowledged misogyny on the far right.”

RH Reality Check – Portrait of an anti-abortion “abolitionist.”

Towleroad – Alabama woman shoots and kills her gay son’s boyfriend. 61 more words


Can women have it all?

My question today is this: if a women is a feminist, can she receive help from men in everyday life?

It is an issue which crops up in countless everyday scenarios, and is one of the biggest battles I personally have found when trying to advocate feminism as a philosophy. 1,010 more words


Taking "Return of Kings" Seriously: A Feminist Battle Unfit For Women

The heteronormative gender divide, reinforced by traditional values and mass media, can be found everywhere that people consume content. From seemingly innocuous ‘battle of the sexes’ game shows, to emotionally manipulative romantic comedies, and even debates that take place in state and federal government, both genders have been subject to countless representations of gender double standards and power struggles to polarizing effect. 1,936 more words


Feminism illustrated

Do you want to know about feminism? Do you want to know what it wants? This image is for you, which depicts feminism as it is..!!


'We Don't Even Discriminate Against Men!' Says the Greatest Human Rights Movement EVER.

Paul Elam is doing his seasonal ‘damseling’ for 20 or so thousand dollars. Let me explain the concept of ‘damseling.’ I think most of you who read this blog remember how MRA’s and other male gamers targeted Anita Sarkeesian and sent her rape and death threats. 452 more words


Men's Rights Poem: "Feminists Killed Kurt Cobain"

I have to admit something at the outset, here. I’m a huge Nirvana fan, and I have been since I was quite young. I don’t mean to brag, but I own every Nirvana album from Bleach to In Utero. 629 more words