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Video: Did Zoe Quinn rape her boyfriend after cheating?

It’s about 9 minutes in if you’re short on time. I would say yes, because the person doesn’t know who they’re consenting to, but it’s personal opinion. 280 more words

Let's talk about sexual abuse

First I should say, I get it. Personally, intimately. If that didn’t teach me few
things, I spent several years working at a sexual assault center. 553 more words

How Christianity & Early Feminism Messed Up Sex & Marriage

I took my son to the library to return books & movies and pick out a few for the next week.  We went late, we were rushed, and the library was about to close, but in we went anyway :) against all odds.  883 more words

Equality is a fool's errand...

It really is, it’s an illusion, an imaginary world that we wrap around ourselves like an old baby blanket. Nothing in life is fair or equal or the same. 472 more words

Offensive Opinion: Feminism & Misandry

WARNING: If this offends you, I don’t give a fuck.

Note that this is not to all feminists. You might identify as one, but you might not be the particular type of feminist I’m addressing. 838 more words

A psychology lesson from MRAs: Defense Mechanisms 101

The MRA, or Misogynist Raging Asshole, is a man who is so enraged that women do not want to have sex with him that he spends large portions of his time writing misogynist messages on the Internet as a form of revenge. 1,870 more words