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Jordanian society anti-gay despite decriminalizing same-sex relations

Amman: Although Jordan is one of the few Arab states to have decriminalized same-sex relations, anti-gay discrimination and harassment remain common in the conservative desert kingdom. 427 more words


Raising awareness of sexual diversity main aim of Viet Pride 2014

Vietnam: A series of events dedicated to the local LGBT community and to help raise awareness of sexual diversity is scheduled to take place in August. 416 more words


Top UN bodies promote anti-gay nations, says rights organization

United Nations: The United Nations can only send a clear message on equal rights when its top agencies stop adopting anti-gay resolutions and stop promoting those who kill, persecute and criminalize gay people, says UN Watch, a human rights organization. 411 more words


Technology might help battle anti-gay workplace discrimination in Asia

International: The internet has become a pivotal tool towards advancing equality rights where LGBTs in Asia battle discrimination in the workplace and other longstanding misconceptions that leave them financially disadvantaged, says the regional director for the world’s largest online outsourcing company. 398 more words