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Latino Voters' Wrenching Midterm-Election Choice - The Atlantic

 by Molly Ball Nov 3 2014, 11:18 AM ET

Abandoned by Democrats and shunned by Republicans, many Hispanics don’t see why they should vote this year. 840 more words

United States

Think There's a Lot of Immigration to the US? Think Again | Acumen | OZY

If you think the United States is every immigrant’s dream, reconsider. Sure, in absolute numbers, the U.S. is home to the most foreign-born people —  321 more words


Politicizing Fear: Modern Nativism in the Time of Ebola

With the American elections a couple of weeks away, politicians are using every possible means to build an advantage, including preying on the growing fear of Ebola within the United States.   944 more words

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"A GOP Cliché": Politicians Are No Scientists On Climate Change, But They're Happy To Give Medical Opinions On Ebola

“I’m not a scientist, but …” has become something of a cliché among politicians who want to weigh in on climate science without actually having to say whether they believe it. 270 more words


you must look the part...

So, the Conservative government announced that it wants to create a law that will ban the niqab during Canadian citizenship swearing-in ceremonies. Yes, for that that will instantly make a Muslim woman non-muslim. 225 more words