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Stop Giving Haters and Hurtful People A Platform!

I am talking to my fellow left-wing activist, bloggers, and media most of all.  I am sick of seeing articles, video clips, or audio clips of some extreme right-winger, preacher, bigot, or cruel person saying or doing something hateful or hurtful.  577 more words


GOP: Deport Dreamers

House GOP Votes to Block Protections for Undocumented Immigrants

The above article is from Huffington Post.  The fact that the House GOP are again trying to stick it to immigrants would be funny, if it weren’t so hateful.   317 more words

FAO "Identity Ireland": bullying migrants is not part of my "identity"

The first and foremost victim of migration is the migrant. They are uprooted from their home country by political, economic or cultural forces beyond their control. 1,433 more words