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What the historical inaccuracies in “Dracula Untold” tell us about the rise of Islamophobia

“The vilification of Islam has reached such heights that when the Muslim Sultan Mehmet II is cast opposite history’s bloodiest psycho-tyrant, it’s Dracula who emerges as the tragic hero.” 752 more words


Islam Doesn't allow Rape: Proof is found in the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) letter to Christians

By Mohammed Abdullah

In 628 CE it is said that as the Muslim Empire began to expand northwards towards the edge of the Roman Empire, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had written a Charter to reassure the Monks at  St. 999 more words

The Muslim Perspective

Did America adopt their "War on Terror" strategy from Israel?

By Rod Such

“Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof — the smoking gun — that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud,” President… 974 more words


Bill Maher's illogical excuse for Islamaphobia

By Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy once said, “There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless.’ There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” 1,385 more words


Reza Aslan says Bill Maher’s Anti-Islam crusade is “Frank bigotry”

Interview by: Elias Isquith 

As I’d imagine anyone with an Internet connection and even a marginal interest in current events knows by now, HBO comedian and pundit Bill Maher has been engaged in an ongoing debate (through the media) … 2,715 more words


Islamaphobes thank ISIS for helping them achieve their Goals

By Mohammed Abdullah

In the National Review Online David Horowitz, a known Islamaphobe and Anti-Muslim activist wrote an article in which he described how the beheadings by ISIS have actually benefited them and their cause immensely.   338 more words