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"The most friendliest city" "The most liveable city" not according to our greatist alarmist and hypocrite

Andrew Bolt sees porn

“Called “capital of cool” Melbourne was praised for boasting an abundance of amazing nightlife, food and hotels, but was also praised for its parks and “fabulous” public art, and its people’s “wonderful sense of humour”.

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Andrew Bolt

Anti-Islam flyers found in Brooklyn neighborhood

BENSONHURST, Brooklyn (PIX11) – Police are looking for whoever left anti-Muslim flyers at the Shore Haven apartment complex in Bensonhurst.

The flyer,  written in bold capital letters and punctuated with lots of exclamation marks,  reads “Islamists! 265 more words


Negeri Para Pecundang

Hari Selasa tanggal 22 Juli yang silam, KPU telah mengumumkan pemenang pilpres kali ini. Walaupun sudah membayangkan keadaan serupa ini akan berlaku, namun tetap saja kami terkejut mendapatinya. 479 more words



Back in the 40’s Arthur Calwell  signed an agreement with the United Nations Refugee Organisation to accept displaced persons from European countries ravaged by war. Calwell was a staunch advocate of the White Australia Policy: while Europeans were welcomed to Australia, Calwell was deporting many Malayan, Indochinese and Chinese wartime refugees, some of whom had married Australian citizens and started families in Australia. 858 more words

Andrew Bolt

Ramadan definition

After I summed up my take on Ramadan’s reality, it meme-fied it and let it go viral.

But there was one aspect of Ramadan that I didn’t cover in the definition, because it didn’t seem to fit in the sentence, despite it being the one of the truest aspects of Ramadan – the assumption of a moral high ground on fasting and the consequent ridicule of any ‘apparent muslim’ who doesn’t fast.

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