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Addressing Orientalists and “Modernist” Muslims.

The correct methodology of dealing with the interpretations and conclusions made by Orientalists and “Modernist” Muslims.

By Malik Evangelatos


“Interpretations” drawn by Orientalists and so-called… 1,322 more words

American Muslim In Egypt 2014

Dutch rightist politician quits over anti-Moroccan chants

Anthony Deutsch and Thomas Escritt,  Reuters

A parliamentarian for the Dutch hard-right Freedom Party resigned from the party on Thursday amid uproar over the way leader Geert Wilders led supporters in racist chants against Moroccans during an election night rally. 170 more words


Repost- Crisis in Myanmar

Violation of basic human rights have been stripped from the Rohingya people due to the increasing ethnic and religious divide in Burma.



Yet More Vile Racist Extremism From UKIP & Gerald Batten

Yet More Vile Racist Extremism From UKIP & Gerald Batten

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Myanmar: A 9 year old rises up against discrimination

Crammed between my colleagues in a dilapidated Yangon taxi, shuddering and lurching through the afternoon traffic, I barely notice the sticker above the dashboard. Shrouded in fresh strings of Jasmine and obscured by jangling Buddha pendants, ‘goh, chow, goh’, 969, the anti-Islam emblem of Myanmar. 867 more words


Moazzem Begg - a series of harassment by the state

Moazzem Begg, who was detained (ie kept without trial or charge at Guantanamo Bay before being released after three years) in 2002, is now being harassed yet again by the government, this time being charged with terror offences related to Syria. 311 more words


Newspaper Advert Densities, Economies Built On Nothing, and Islam

And we’re back. We’re not back too often these days, but we’re back.

And when we’re back…

Eh fuck it, it’s just me.

See, the thing is this. 736 more words