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More Tips for Worn Out Mums: Part 2.

I have been sick in and out of hospital for the last week, so have struggled a bit to get through everything and to deal with family life in general, so I felt a few more tips for Worn Out Mums were in order!! 704 more words

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Week 2 - Learning What Sets Your Body Off

This week has had its ups and downs for me. Learning how my body reacts to different types of foods is proving to be more complicated than one would assume. 425 more words

DIY Series: Facial Scrub

Dr. Oz’s ability to provide simple, effective solutions to common health ailments has gained a lot of popularity. ┬áDuring an episode of his show, a viewer shared one of her secrets to supple and radiant skin at age 40. 150 more words


Clindamycin is used to treat serious infections caused by bacteria

Clindamycin 1% is a topical anti-microbial skin gel utilized treat pimple inflammation that has gotten contaminated and is lethargic to non-anti-infection treatment. This gets into the clogged pores (comedones) that structure on the skin and kills the microscopic organisms that taint pimple inflammation influenced skin, clearing up and forestalling spread of the disease. 230 more words