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"Free Julian Assange! Free Chelsea Manning!" (Free Speech!) Ciaron O'Reilly arrested at G20 in Brisbane

Update: 4 December

Along with a handful of others arrested during the G20 protests, Ciaron O’Reilly appeared at Brisbane Magistrates court today. The case was adjourned to 21 January. 459 more words


On trial: Anti-Nato protesters who demanded Barclays divest from the arms trade

Barclays Bank will be back in the spotlight today at Newport Magistrates Court, when 4 activists stand trial on charges of aggravated trespass. The activists were arrested when they occupied the Newport branch of Barclays as part of the anti-NATO week of action organised by Stop NATO Cymru at the beginning of September. 297 more words


No War but the Class War: Remembrance Day – an Anarchist Perspective

The following is a shortened version of what will be available in print in the winter edition of The Blast.

 It’s is that time of year again where that reminder of the blood bath justified by militarism is forced upon our imaginations – unless of course you were there and remember the horrors of war first hand, but there aren’t any WWI veterans alive now. 2,778 more words

Με αφορμή τις σημερινές παρελάσεις... Ο εθνικισμός είναι συνταγή υποταγής – είναι ιδεολογία θανάτου

Κείμενο της μαθητικής ομάδας Σκαπούλα

Τα εθνικά τα ιδεώδη χάπια της αποχαύχωσης

που τα πλασάρουν οι εμπόροι σε χαύνους καταναλωτές

πατρίδα έννοια συνώνυμη με την απάτη και τη βία …

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