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Stop NATO Sabcat action against austerity

Report taken from Indymedia.

A small but lively crowd made its way through the streets of Newport, complete with soundsystem, sab-cat masks, and the ever-present PLOs. 238 more words


Solidarity with Manning & Assange in run-up to NATO summit in Wales

by Genny Bove

The NATO Summit, Manning, Assange and WikiLeaks

As the warmongers of the western world gear up for their meeting to plan NATO’s next round of military action and push countries to spend even more of their money on warfare, I headed to Newport for the week of action taking place in resistance to the summit. 1,163 more words


Stop NATO Cymru Week of Action in Cardiff & Newport

All week: action camp at Tredegar Park near Newport, with gigs, workshops, skillshares.

Sat 30th Aug, 1pm meet at Civic Centre Car Park, Newport – Radical bloc will join demo against NATO in Newport. 176 more words

Future Events

CALLOUT - Sunday 31st August - Stop NATO action against securitisation and policing

In preparation for the NATO summit, the authorities have put a giant fucking wall around parts of Cardiff and Newport. Local people do not want this wall – it prevents access to public grounds and services, disrupts essential travel and is an ugly visible reminder of the increasingly militarised zone that Cardiff and Newport have become in advance of this Summit. 113 more words

Future Events

International Anarchist Manifesto Against the First World War

In Volume One of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, I included several anarchist writings against the First World War, which is yet again being portrayed on the hundredth anniversary of its commencement by the governments involved and the political parties and interests that control them as a great patriotic war, the enormous human, environmental and financial costs of which were supposedly justified in defending “freedom”  and “democracy,” and in building nations, such as Canada and Australia, out of British colonies. 1,454 more words