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Calvin's Corner #9: Is Good Health a Promise of Salvation?

Was Martin Luther an Anti-Semite? Is good health part of Salvation? Hell, Sheep, Goats, Works and Fantasy Football on this weeks Calvin’s Corner with Pastor Michael Newnham… 43 more words

Palestinians Welcome Kerry’s Linkage of Arab-Israeli Conflict with ISIS

This is from United With Isreal.

Lurch Kerry is a moron and a world class anti Semite.

Kerry is a bigger disgrace to office of Sectuary Of State than Hillary Clintonnd that is saying a mouthful. 545 more words

After reading a bad review of "Killing Patton," I ordered the book

Bill O’Reilly’s new book has been out for several weeks, but I have delayed ordering it because I thought I would probably not like it. 853 more words


Excellent Movie: Father Takes a Walk

A message movie from 1935, Father Takes a Walk (aka: Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk) is the equal of It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) for conveying a message that clarifies life, giving, heart, self discipline, freedom and family. 112 more words