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'Winston Churchill: From accusations of anti-Semitism to the blunt refusal that led to the deaths of millions'

“Had Winston Churchill not come to power in Britain in the Forties, the entire history of the world would be different.

The political leaders of Britain that succeeded him could never compete with his iconic legacy. 791 more words

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Skinheads and The Most Violent Thing I Have Ever Done

Not all skinheads are bad people.  I’m not saying I’m “pro-skinhead”…Well…actually…

Ok.  Most people don’t know that there are really 3 different kinds of skinheads.  First, you have the typical racist, Nazi skinhead.  1,556 more words


My Anti-Semitic Friend

So…I have an anti-Semitic friend…Figured I’d just whip that right out there; like pulling off a Band-Aid.  I say that because it is a relatively new discovery for me.  862 more words