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Do some L.A. schools have vaccination rates as low as South Sudan?

TORONTO – Some Los Angeles schools have incredibly low vaccination rates, on par with immunization rates in some parts of Africa, according to a U.S. report. 757 more words


Time to Make Scientific Education Standards a Priority... Starting with Us

Our huge, inter-connected population and the globalization of economies means that today, intelligence without education is outright harmful.

The human mind looks for patterns, and in the absence of education or scientific thought processes, the mind will see patterns and meanings that just aren’t there. 668 more words


5 Tricks to Engage Your Facebook Friends and Followers

Do you have a Facebook page? That’s a public page belonging to a company, organisation or blog like my one, or just a personal Facebook account. 1,039 more words

Social Media

Anti-vaxers and social media, who's really listening?

After recently finding out there is an anti-vaccination movement, being a vaccinated woman; I decided to, rather than assume my position on “my” side of the fence, curiosity killed the cat, and I stepped out in to the battle field, hilariously enough, on social media. 1,292 more words

There are kids who want to be vaccinated in Africa

The current Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has undoubtedly caused devastating effects, but the lesson one should take away from this is that there is no excuse to be against vaccinations. 291 more words

What SAVN doesn't want you to read, reviewed

Recently Brian Martin of Wollongong University penned a selective piece headed What SAVN doesn’t want you to read.

Selective in that material used and omitted leans strongly toward sustaining the primary claim of the article. 3,324 more words


Anti-vaccination nutballs now refusing Vitamin K for their children, as well

Over a single 8-month period, seven infants were admitted to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt for treatment of either cranial or intestinal hemorrhaging due to vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB)…

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