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This year's flu shot doesn't work! True or false?

“The CDC issues flu vaccine apology: this year’s flu vaccine doesn’t work!”

This is a headline being circulated on Facebook right now. It’s from a story from naturalnews.com, a blog run by a lunatic crank called Mike Adams. 433 more words

The anti-vaccination farce is dangerous for humanity

Despite the fact that the anti-vaccine movement’s arguments have been debunked, their theories are still affecting public opinion. Read the full story.

The Commonwealth Times

Get a flu shot

Get a flu shot. I got mine. They work. By spreading disease, you might kill someone by giving it to them.


Think twice before supporting the anti-vaccination movement

We had a patient with polio sequels yesterday.

It usually takes me three to five minutes to place an epidural catheter, with this patient, it took me almost an hour. 1,046 more words

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Anti-Vaccination: A Growing Trend, and A Dangerous One

So today I’m talking about something a little different, but something I think is an important issue, which is people aren’t vaccinating their kids. This makes me upset because vaccines exists for a reason, and we are so lucky to live in an age where we have modern medicine and we have vaccines to prevent certain diseases and people aren’t using them. 342 more words

I'm the best mom. And so are you.

You are the best mom.

We all have days, days of guilt, fear, dread and sadness. But as long as you are doing your best, you are present, loving, aware and trying, you are the best mom. 460 more words

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