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You Know You Are a Pseudoscientific Crank If...

Are you sick of always failing to convince us scientific skeptics that GM crops kill people, that homeopathy cures cancer or that climate change is a socialist myth? 924 more words


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Enough said!

Chemical-Free Products: The Complete List

Here’s a comprehensive review of chemical-free consumer products, courtesy of Nature Chemistry. I’m flattered to have been listed as a potential referee for this manuscript, which truly does provide the most complete list possible of chemical-free cleaners, cosmetics, and every other class of commercially available product.

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Vaccine adverse events are rare–vast benefits outweigh risks

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Like all medical procedures, devices and pharmaceuticals, vaccines are not perfect. What matters is that the benefits, not only medically but also economically, outweigh any risks. 383 more words


Florida Cretin Kidnaps Daughter To Save Her From Horrors Of Modern Science And Education

SUNRISE, FLORIDA (CT&P) – A nationwide cretinhunt is now underway for a Megan Everett, a Florida mother who kidnapped her daughter in order to prevent her from being vaccinated and learning about black history. 554 more words



I’ve seen this article going around Facebook for a few days now and it drives me INSANE. Now…we don’t vaccinate. It’s a choice we made after many hours of research and talking with our doctor, we had started out completely vaccinating X and then made the decision to at first just hold off on anymore. 777 more words