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Nurses Against Mandatory Patient Safety

I’ve just run across a post in a Facebook group that epitomizes my favorite Isaac Asimov quote:

“There is a cult of ignorance [...] nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge’.” 1,146 more words


The Ten Deadliest Diseases

Number 10: Syphilis is as deadly as it is widespread. Worldwide over 12 million people per year are diagnosed with this killer and this number does not count the undiagnosed sufferers. 533 more words


Andrew Wakefield loses again in court; what happened?

You may have seen the news about a Texas court throwing out Andrew Wakefield‘s lawsuit against Brian Deer, the investigative journalist who did so much to uncover Wakefield’s… 1,545 more words


Resisting the Resistance: The Anti-Vaccination Movement

I’ve had numerous questions (as has every other pediatrician in the last several years) about my personal opinions regarding the risks and benefits of immunizations. I remembered this paper I wrote a few years ago and wanted to share it for those struggling with this issue: 2,390 more words


INTERESTING: Slow down the schedule


Aug. 29
Toxic Vaccines and Autism, Part 2.

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Dr. Wakefield felt that the vaccine could be causing inflammation of the colon in autistic children.   379 more words


I Couldn't Remain Silent On This Any Longer

For a while now, I’ve been travelling the internet, trying to correct, and educate folks about different points of science. I try to correct, and teach the truth about vaccines, and transgenic foods (more commonly known as GMOs), and other, similar things. 1,440 more words