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The anti-vaccination farce is dangerous for humanity

Despite the fact that the anti-vaccine movement’s arguments have been debunked, their theories are still affecting public opinion. Read the full story.

The Commonwealth Times

Methods aimed at combating the anti-vax conspiracy

With the ever rising anti-vaccination movement have come studies that attempt to pinpoint its origin. Current research conducted at the University of Kent indicated that anti-vaccine conspiracy is a present obstacle that health care professionals face. 251 more words


Fact Vs. Opinion

I watched the above Ted Talk the other day featuring journalist Michael Specter.  The talk focuses on people that refuse to listen to scientific facts, an example being those that are anti-vaccine.   140 more words

HEK 293 Cells

This is a list that you can look through and pick a journal article to read about HEK 293 cells and their usage in the manufacturing process of Vaccines. 409 more words


Vaccines and HEK 293 (human embryonic kidney cells)

In October my blog was trolled by a person using the name Medusajoe.

This person was very anti-vaccine. He or she claimed that vaccines are made from the blood of aborted human fetuses… 609 more words


Mercury in Vaccines - Bad Comparison

The danger isn’t in the parts per billion, but in the actual amount of mercury. According to the CDC, the recommended adult dose for the Influenza Vaccine is 0.5mL, or 1/2000 of a liter (about a quart). 119 more words


Dads Are Just As Stressed As Moms, According To A New Poll

I read Dads Are Just As Stressed As Moms.

And this article shows us a neat survey

The survery basically demostrates that parents with children who live in their home experience more stress — and more joy — than childless adults and parents without their children in their home. 378 more words