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The Latest Cheap, Emotional, Manipulative Anti-White Propaganda Crap From Aangirfan

You can’t beat this Bolshevik Marxist Canaanite serpent creature, Aangirfan, for vile cheap shots at white people, can you? Sooner or later, between the odd tid bit pieces of Truth, you will soon get his ‘par for the course’ standard MO tirades of Bolshevik Marxist Jew propaganda spew and, with this, his latest snide post, we get two slimy evil pieces entitled: “Executed Kid Was Innocent” George Junius Stinney Jr. 588 more words


#illridewithyou story was made up by Green SJWs


…Thus it was that on Monday, while real people were suffering at the hands of an Islamic State-inspired terrorist in Martin Place, hashtag activists sprang to the defence of theoretical victims of an Islamophobia that wasn’t occurring….

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Are Whites Finally Getting It?

Black protesters and Anti-Whites everywhere are showing up across the country to protest police everywhere. The memes of “Black Lives Matter” and chants to kill cops are all over the media, professional athletes and many of the poverty pimps that say they “serve” the black community. 823 more words


Self Loathing Political Correctness Anti-White Style

Just what we need, more self loathing whites that are anti-white. 21 more words


Benevolence to other whites

There is a large retailer here that I frequent about 1-2 times a week. There are two employees that work there that are IMO exemplary people. 391 more words

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I’m tired of jewmedia deleting my comments.

I’m tired of jewmedia deleting my comments. The bastards operate message boards to ‘up’ their dying readership and then delete comment(s) they don’t like. This, in a supposedly ‘free speech’ country. 2,791 more words


£244 million: the British state school bill to teach immigrant children English

This is on top of pre-existing language needs of a student.


And as recent figures show that the number of school children using English as a second language has soared by a third over the last five years to 1.1million, …

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