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The Biggest Con In The World

Over the last couple of months, it looks as though many Whites throughout the world are starting to wake up and see the con going on around them that they have fallen prey to. 516 more words


The demographics of UK race replacement


There are now more Muslim children than Christian children growing up several British towns and cities. Figures from the 2011 census show that in places such as Birmingham, Bradford and Leicester, a child is more likely to be raised in Islam than Christianity as Britain’s demographics radically change.

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Does intra-racial bias on dating websites amount to racism?

A study in clickbait, this journalist hardly deserves the title but this mirrors a previous article from Slate so I’m posting it as part of a theme. 490 more words



“Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds,” BBC, August 26, 2014: 955 more words

[WATCH] Entitled “Hey White People” Video Will Make Your Blood Boil

Although many red-blooded Americans would like to see racism completely overcome, it seems that some are intent on keeping it around just a little while longer. 219 more words

Living The Diversity Nightmare

Former White House Assistant Says ‘Black America Needs Its Own President’ -- Theodore R. Johnson III

To suggest any sort of “separate but equal” type of situation would be terribly racist unless you happen to be black, in which case it becomes brilliant. 527 more words

Living The Diversity Nightmare