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"Hands Out" Ferguson

It looks as though things may boil over in Ferguson, Missouri as the verdict is soon to become public. Again, we will see the blacks of the area riot in their own communities. 487 more words


The Sleeping White Giant of Europe

Earlier this week, thousands of protesters took to the streets in Germany. It looks as though that many patriotic Germans are waking up to the dangers of the German Government’s immigration and multicultural policies. 697 more words


Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

 (Left: Karl Marx knew he was doomed: ‘Thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well.  My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell.’ 673 more words


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Featured Image -- 13671 This reblogged article below offers a brief introduction to "Cultural Marxism," which is the dominant ethic today in the USA's schools, universities, media and federal government. The author explains how this agenda seeks to destroy the white race, Christianity, heterosexuality, tradition, and more.

The Real Enemy

Discussing White Genocide is quite simple when using the basic principles of the Mantra. The Mantra was written to be plainly understood, no matter age, education or class background. 596 more words