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Virus infections in travelers – Rabies

Introduction and definitions
Rabies is a viral an infection that’s transmitted within the saliva of contaminated mammals; it reasons an acute encephalomyelitis that’s virtually at all times fetal. 12 more words

in the news: POTS and autoimmunity...

There has been a lot of interesting news about POTS recently. I want to share one study in particular with you that I think you will find interesting. 558 more words

Chronic Illness

Allergies are no fun...but the biology behind them is!

Spring is nearly upon us and along with trees and flowers, seasonal allergies will bloom once again.  Even though allergies can be annoying, debilitating and even life-threatening, the science behind them is fascinating.  918 more words

Science Sunday #5

This week’s article, Promising Psoriasis Treatment Signals Hope for microRNA Therapies, was originally published on the Spoonful of Medicine blog on 2/26/14.  (If you are interested in reading the original paper that this article is about, the link is… 258 more words


rK39-ICT Is Less Sensitive in Africa as Compared to Asia.

Leishmaniasis is a fatal systemic disease that occurs due to bite of Leishmania donovani carrier sandfly.  In Asia, Africa and Brazil Viseral Leishmaniasis is most prevalent and is caused by Leishmania donovani complex (L.infantum+L.donovani). 299 more words

Infectious Biology