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Researchers turn to plants to help treat haemophilia

Accidents as minor as a slip of the knife while chopping onions can turn dangerous for patients with haemophilia, who lack the necessary proteins in their blood to stem the flow from a wound. 746 more words


'Into the Dalek': a bit of science

This episode of Doctor Who saw the Doctor and Clara go “into darkness” – miniaturised and shoved inside a Dalek…

Photo: doctorwho-fans: Next up on…

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The new vaccine can increase the antibody concentration and efficiency

Scientists in “Nature – Nanotechnology,” the report said, they have developed a vaccine to maintain the structure of the toxin will improve vaccine effectiveness. Comparing its safety and effectiveness.They found that the development of vaccines with the nanoparticles to produce higher concentrations of antibody vaccines, antibodies to neutralize toxins produced more effective than the control. 180 more words


The basic information that you should know about antibody

Antibody which very similar with each other at every amino acid are called monoclonal antibody, because they all have generated by a successor of B cells. 276 more words


Dog Health Problems May Be Associated With Unhealthy Carbohydrates

Natural dog food may finally be getting the attention it deserves thanks to increasing interest in improving dog nutrition among many concerned pet owners. Just as many people are working to maintain their own nutrition and weight, dog owners are also following suit to improve the quality of their dog’s health. 393 more words


Researchers near development of a vaccine against tick-transmitted disease.

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers have made an important advancement toward developing a vaccine against the debilitating and potentially deadly tick-transmitted disease, human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA). 490 more words