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ISIS executions go viral; Nusra attacks Golan | World War 4 Report

ISIS also killed more than 160 Syrian government troops seized in recent fighting, posting pictures of terrified young conscripts stripped down to their underwear and being marched into the desert before being put to death. 84 more words


US/NATO: Heirs to the Nazi Germany's script for Ukraine -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net

“The aim, of the unfolding events, – is an internal Slavic war, the final solution to the Russian question.”The events in Ukraine and around the Crimea – “dust” from a long-running project – are part of a plan to eliminate Russia as the only barrier to the North Atlantic elites scheme to dominate the world. 71 more words


Australian jihadist who tweeted gruesome photo has long history of mental illness - The Washington Post

A steady stream of young Muslim men have left Britain and Australia to fight for the movement, which has declared a caliphate in territory it has seized straddling the Syria-Iraq border.Australia’s attorney general, George Brandis, estimates that 60 Australians are fighting in the conflict, making the country one of the biggest contributors of combatants from outside the Middle East, based on its population. 95 more words


Antifa in action

Antifa is an abbreviation of ANTI FAshist as well as for ANTI Fashist Action.

Of cause, I think it’s a good idea to be against fashist, but there is a very violent part of this leftists, very intolerant people, who see Fashists and Fashism everywhere. 312 more words


I CARE - - Swedes throw stinky fish at calm neo-Nazi rally

24/8/2014- The right-wing party of the Swedes Svenskarnas parti were greeted with the foul smelling fish in Gothenburg after a Facebook group pledged to give them a “sour welcome.” A large police attendance was in force in Gothenburg for the meeting which was held at 2pm. 131 more words


PressTV - ISIL: We will attack Saudi Arabia during Eid al-Adha

Takfiri ISIL militants have reportedly threatened to attack Saudi Arabia during Eid-Adha the Feast of Sacrifice that marks the culmination of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, a report says.According to Syria Alaan news website, ISIL militants will begin an armed operation in Saudi Arabia after being supplied with arms and money by al-Qaeda agents.The report said possible fall of the Saudi government would be a severe blow to Western states, especially the United States. 127 more words


Zbliża się 1 września

Już niedługo 1 września i kolejna rocznica napaści hitlerowskich Niemiec na Polskę, więc i też faktycznego początku II Wojny Światowej. Podczas tej wojny kraj nasz, razem z wieloma innymi doświadczył najpierw jednego, później drugiego totalitaryzmu. 127 more words