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This weekend in Dover and Doncaster

On Sat 27 the far-right had two events planned at opposite ends of the country, the one in Dover a protest about immigration and EU border regulations under the guise of ‘Support Our Truckers’, the other in Doncaster was a UKIP conference. 754 more words

Antifascism In The UK

Name the problem: British nationalism.

The eyes of the world have been on Glasgow all summer as it celebrates unity, victory, and empire. Last night was no exception.

I started to see reports from around 7pm. 640 more words

Neo-Nazis and Free Speech

I thought I’d fire off a quick missive about this. Reports have been circulating about Robert Ransdell, the neo-Nazi who is running as a write-in candidate against Mitch McConnell. 589 more words

Left-wing Politics

#18S Antifascist Solidarity: A Gallery.

This gallery only holds a few examples of the shows of solidarity and support we saw around the world yesterday in commemoration of Pavlos Fyssas, rapper and antifascist, murdered by Golden Dawn fascists. 383 more words

International Antifascism

Borotba - There is no choice but to struggle!

Sept. 5, 2014 – The parliamentary elections on October 26 are doomed to become a nationalist farce held in an atmosphere of chauvinist hysteria. Many right-wing parties and all sorts of militaristic “Civil Initiatives” will attempt to break into Parliament. 677 more words


Scum on Filth on Scum

Well it unsurprisingly transpired that the EDL National Demo in Rotherham yesterday was a shambles. Some sources put their numbers at 500, some at 1000+ maybe more; it is fair to say that yesterday Rotherham was a petri dish of right-wingers, crawling all over this issue like flies to shit. 875 more words

Antifascism In The UK

Something ain't Right in #Rotherham

Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The findings of an investigation started in Sept 2013 (1) were publicised in a report that hit the mainstream press in the last week of August 2014. 1,552 more words