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An Antifascist Roundup

This weekend just gone antifascists were at the Anarchist Bookfair with a successful stall and talk, and the next day held another successful event at the AFem Conference. 389 more words

Antifascism In The UK


The following is a re-blog from Laurence Easeman Truth.

More blogs on Easeman can be found here and here. All information in the following blog is – or was – very much in the public domain. 1,508 more words

BUNĂ – Neues libertäres Rumänien-Magazin erschienen

Frisch aus der Druckerpresse: Soeben ist die erste Ausgabe der „BUNĂ – Zeitschrift für Befreiung & Emanzipation – nicht nur in Rumänien“ erschienen. Das 48-seitige Heft informiert über aktuelle politische und soziale Entwicklungen in Rumänien und legt einen weiteren Schwerpunkt auf die „Geschichte von unten“. 408 more words


Nigel Farage is in Cambridge this Friday

This Friday, human haddock Nigel Farage (UKIP, for the international crowd) is set to give a lecture hosted by Cambridge University, between 6 and 7PM… 139 more words


Fascists go where they're told in Pompey

On Thursday morning local antifascists discovered plans by local EDL members to hold a march in our city that Saturday against a proposed Muslim Faith School. 687 more words

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Portsmouth Antifascists have posted a much longer write-up about Saturday, this will elaborate on the details written about in the last article. Well done comrades for an effective counter-mobilisation, and at such short notice too.

For more information check out https://portsmouthantifascists.wordpress.com/.

Well done to all anti fascists out in Birmingham today!

AFN groups hooked up with Birmingham UAF, Birmingham Strong Justice4ALL, unions, community groups and many others under the ‘We Are Birmingham’ banner this Saturday 11th. 252 more words


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Posted below is the AFN report of the EDL National demonstration in Birmingham yesterday. Various sources reported that the EDL numbered between 300-500,  UKAktion can corroborate this with  reports from the ground, which also put the counter-demonstration at between 200-300. Well done to everyone who came out to oppose them, especially in the miserable rain, and those that made it up from the South.

Gathering from 11 onwards on Broad Street in Birmingham, at Bar Risa, who explicitly told their workers that only white staff should work the day (which it now denies), the bar packed out in the run up to the small march to their speeches.

Unfortunately the EDL carried off their speeches without interruption and concluded their demonstration without much interference. This year's demo didn't see the levels of violence like the last appearance of the EDL in Birmingham, however it has been confirmed that both fascist and anti-fascist demonstrations had several arrests.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="464"] Photo from last year's EDL Birmingham demonstration.[/caption]

At one point in the day a few EDL cavemen managed to slink into the opposition crowd, tried to steal a banner and interrupted the UAF speeches, but were escorted away by police accompanied by angry shouts (as seen in the video below).


Luckily, the EDL did not pull the numbers it expected to in the wake of the Rotherham abuse scandal, and its effect on the group hasn't been as significant as the 'Lee Rigby effect' we saw last year. They certainly didn't match the numbers from their demo in Birmingham last year. After their speeches the demonstration seemed to take on a strange atmosphere, with costumes and flags and copious drink, like a really, really shit carnival.

Note: The ongoing game of capture-the-flag saw a new development as anti-fascists stole a large England EDL flag: a point to our team.

Meanwhile on the South coast anti-fascists gathered and outnumbered a small gathering of fascists demonstration against 'Islamic schools'. Portsmouth Anti Nazi Watch (@NaziWATCHPompey) reported that counter-protesters outnumbered the 20 or so fascists, mostly EDL dregs that couldn't make it up North, and made sure that they certainly had a shit day.


I, Too, Am Harvard

I, Too, Am Harvard delves into the lives of black and mixed race students attending Harvard College in America and the discrimination they face simply because of their ethnic origins