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Antifascist demo in Cricklewood sees off squad of racists – pictures

(pictures and captions by Steve Eason)

Some 130 protesters from North West London United and the Anti-Fascist Network easily outnumbered a crew of 18 fascists who called themselves the South East Alliance. 88 more words


I Might Be On the Side of the Angels, But Don't Think For One Second That I am One of Them.

Innan jag börja babbla om min dag  tänker jag (precis som många andra) kommentera polisens agerande i Malmö idag. För jag blir fan förbannad. Är det okej att demonstrera ska det ta mig fan vara okej att motdemonstrera också. 856 more words

Au Pair

We Did Not Go to War, the War Came to Us!

Original: Cassad.Net / Interview by Victor Shapinov
Translated from Russian by Inessa Chabalina
Edited by S. Naylor

Militiaman with the call name “Artem” – my old comrade from “Borotba.” Before the war, he organized the working-class youth of Donbass in the struggle against fascism and capitalism, built a local cell organization. 2,555 more words


Report: Hundreds march for Palestine

Last Saturday (9 August), over 200 people marched in Portsmouth against Israel’s latest offensive in Gaza, the largest show of solidarity with Palestine in the city in years. 169 more words


Alexei Gaskarov's Sentencing Statement

Russian anti-fascist Alexei Gaskarov’s statement in court

translated into English by the Russian Reader with an afterword by Gabriel Levy.

The verdicts for the second group of defendants in the Bolotnaya Square case – brought against participants in the Russian protest movement of 2011-12 – will be announced on 18 August in Zamoskvoretsky Court in Moscow. 1,618 more words

Social Protests

Antifascists arrested at Oxford demonstration against the National Front

Police arrested four anti-fascists at a demonstration against the National Front in Oxford on Saturday. The National Front had called a national mobilisation against “Asian grooming” and antifascists had gathered to prevent them from marching through Oxford. 678 more words


Tony Cliff's legacy today

James Heartfield
Platypus Review
July 24th, 2014

Tony Cliff’s recognition in his own moment of a certain kind of impasse within Trotskyism and his attempt to overcome it require full consideration and appreciation both in terms of the merits of its potential and a consciousness of its limits. 2,268 more words