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Dictionary Definitions Vs. Practical Definitions

This is seen very often in society. We as a society like to use impractical definitions that don’t coincide with what the dictionary states. This is seen much more often in words that are slang or informal. 416 more words

Re: The F Word: Its Celebrity Friends and Foes

Telling people to “pick a side” when it comes to feminist is moronic. Feminism is sexist in it’s terminology alone. FEMINist. Favoritism towards women. Which is kinda like saying White Supremacist is an equal rights label. 388 more words

Women are calling out feminism bullshit


Good news, guys. Feminism is over. Sure, there are still women being stoned to death and a teenager might get butyric acid thrown in her face for rejecting an arranged marriage but as far as the Western world today goes, we’re done.

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Book Review: Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

Calories 1baljillionand1. Minutes spent eating grated cheese 1million. Minutes spent on dating/social media sites 100,0o0. Packets of chocolate biscuits consumed 1,000. (v.bad). Number of husbands 1. 722 more words

The Review

Women are more powerful in games, just not in the same way.

Growing up, I watched a lot of children’s shows, and played a lot of games. And one thing has stuck with me since: What female characters lacks in strength, they make up for in magical power, or goodness. 476 more words

Lucy's Sleepy Ramblings: Vlogging is taking over Writing

I personally have always wanted to have my own vlog, where I talk about issues that are of importance to me… sadly, I am not yet living in the right environment that would allow me to do that. 660 more words