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"Why aren't you a feminist?"

My preferred response now is a curt: Because I’m defined by what’s between my ears instead of what’s between my legs.
Usually shuts them up pretty quick.


Feminist Phrase Definition

Patriarchy – The belief of a mythical society that benefits men at the expense of women that occurs in all societies that benefits women at the expense of men. 356 more words

Being Gay Is Sexism Against Women

I found this little piece of bullshit today. Being gay is now sexism and discrimination against women?

Grow the fuck up Feminazi’s

Patriarchy Hurts Men Too!

Patriarchy, defined as: a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. Defined by feminists as benefiting men at the detriment of women. 236 more words

Rebuttle to The 18 Reasons Why The Concept Of “Female Privilege” Is Insane

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1. Female disadvantage is walking down the street at night, having to worry about being attacked or raped. Female disadvantage is having to carry mace everywhere you go, even though the chances of it actually protecting you are slim.

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Tell me I'm wrong

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