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The Immune System: Your Own Personal Military

 To understand how vaccines and other pharmaceuticals work, we need to understand the immune system. You can think of your immune system like your own personal army protecting you from outside threats. 570 more words

The Truth About Vaccines

Here at Curiosity Science, we are big fans of vaccination. It is one of the simplest things that you can do to improve your health and it is the way that we will cure diseases. 434 more words

Lifetime Habit

A habit I have engaged in since my late teens.  My dad got me hooked and it has become a lifetime habit.

The first time I donated blood was with my dad.   930 more words


What's in a Blood Type?

Have you ever wondered about your blood? What makes type A different from type B? Maybe you are a blood donor and are curious why your blood type is different than your parents or siblings? 660 more words

When did high tech science get grafted into the Vaccine Voodoo?

OK, here’s another conceptual difficulty with generic  Jennerism. When did a country quack’s diabolic corporeal carving and inpasting of putrefied puss stop being the clear and imminent danger to public health and morph into what is now a hi-tec  generated impenetrable fog of mystic screedings, disguising the fact that they are still carrying out exactly the same process? 1,368 more words