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Lifetime Habit

A habit I have engaged in since my late teens.  My dad got me hooked and it has become a lifetime habit.

The first time I donated blood was with my dad.   930 more words


When did high tech science get grafted into the Vaccine Voodoo?

OK, here’s another conceptual difficulty with generic  Jennerism. When did a country quack’s diabolic corporeal carving and inpasting of putrefied puss stop being the clear and imminent danger to public health and morph into what is now a hi-tec  generated impenetrable fog of mystic screedings, disguising the fact that they are still carrying out exactly the same process? 1,368 more words


Inside the Blood Factory That Keeps Track of the World's Rare Donors

Rare blood has been covered in a previous post.

Photographer Greg White recently got a tour of the NHS Blood & Transplant’s Filton Blood Center while on assignment for the science publication Mosaic.

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From HIV to cancer, Interleukin 37 (IL-37) regulates the immune system.

A University of Colorado Cancer Center study describes the activity of a recently discovered communication molecule of the body’s immune system, Interleukin 37 or IL-37. It has been known to limit inflammation and the current study reports its activity in the adaptive immune system, IL-37 inhibits the ability of the immune system to recognize and target new antigens. 451 more words


Researchers to test whether Ebola survivors' blood can provide new treatment.

The University of Liverpool is part of an international research team that will assess whether the blood or plasma of Ebola survivors can be used to treat Ebola patients in West Africa.  308 more words