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Definition: (noun) A secret store of valuables or money. Synonyms: hoard, stash Usage: In case of an emergency, I have a small cache of money and weapons hidden in the shed. Discuss.

Futurology 13 ~ From robo-linguist, cure for Diabetes to more Antikythera finds

Toshiba’s eerie Sign Language Robot will silently stare into your soul — Proving its engineers are just as capable as anyone at developing a creepy human-like robot that embraces the Uncanny Valley… 482 more words


We found mankind's first computer technology in an ancient Greek shipwreck and robots are going back for more

One of the world’s most mysterious artifacts was plucked from the Mediterranean sea in 1901, when a shipwreck discovered by Greek sponge divers off the coast of Antikythera yielded not just magnificent works of art but also what archeologists suppose is evidence of mankind’s earliest “computer”—an instrument dating to the era of Archimedes, with gears and dials for calculating solar and lunar cycles.  432 more words

Antikythera Mechanism

The subject of a great deal of investigation and debate, and quite a few television documentaries, the Antikythera mechanism is without doubt the most important astronomical device to have fallen through the net of ‘time and destruction’ and made it to the present day. 362 more words