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Acaí berries come from a palm tree in South America. While a traditional food there for centuries as well as a treatment for diarrhea, acaí has recently become popular in the U.S. 468 more words

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A Minty Morning

Today I had dessert for breakfast. Not really, but it kind of tasted like it. Continuing my smoothie trend from last week, I decided to experiment with a new flavor combination: mint and chocolate. 260 more words


Reunited after two years - custard apples

I discovered custard apples two years ago on my last day in Vietnam and fell in love with the fruit immediately. Unfortunately I haven’t found it anywhere else I’ve traveled to in the past two years. 162 more words

Berries Terrine

A berry fruit generally refers to any small fruit that lacks seeds and can be eaten whole. However, many fruits commonly referred to as berries are not actually berries by the scientific definition, but fall into one of some categories; 487 more words


Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin (along with A, D and K), meaning it requires fat from our diet to be absorbed. Vitamin E (and all other fat soluble vitamins) is stored in our bodies. 229 more words


Green Tea - Still My Best Acne Treatment

I’ve posted about this before, but I’m stressing that if you have acne and have not dedicated yourself to drinking green tea… do it!

I have been drinking a cup of green tea (caffeinated in the morning, decaffeinated in the evening) everyday. 130 more words