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A Second Hand Experience

Once again while at the dentist, she told me about her trip to France and the amazing experience she and her husband had. Of course while she was talking I really couldn’t say much since I was having a new crown installed. 190 more words

Food Thoughts

Antioxidant Fruits And Vegetables

  1. Berries
    Berries are packed with poranthocynidins which helps in keeping diseases at bay, especially cancers. Take any kind of berry – strawberry, blackberry and raspberry – they also have ellagic acid in them which helps in smooth digestion too.
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Who's afraid of ebola? I'm scared of the common cold

I have just gotten over a cold.  A long, lingering cold with a cough that kept me up in the night. I would be up several times vomiting mucus.   751 more words


Berry & Maca Smoothie

The past few days have been asking for me to slow down and definitely reassess a few things. My body is flaring up and that means I have something I desperately need to connect, understand and nurture within. 132 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Eat a Rainbow of Power Foods

Here’s an excellent article and informative resource I found in Sports Illustrated.  The article links a variety of “multicolored” foods and the performance benefits they deliver. 104 more words

Diet And Nutrition

Fuel Additives Market Worth $8,100 Million by 2019

The report “Fuel Additives Market by Applications (Diesel, Gasoline & Aviation), Types (Deposit control, Antioxidant, Corrosion inhibitor, Lubricity & Cetane improvers and others) – Global Trends & Forecast to 2019” 790 more words


Pumpkin is the new bacon.

Wow!  That sure got your attention, now didn’t it?  Pumpkin is the new bacon?  You bet.  I read it on the internet so it must be true (insert sarcastic tone and indignant faux cough with a hair toss here).   756 more words

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