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About the cultivation of the will and nervousness

The cultivation of the will, as we may call it, is most important. I have already mentioned how nervousness often makes it impossible for people to know what they should do. 393 more words


Antipathy and karma (3)

Well, my dear friends, to picture, if I may, in homely and familiar fashion, the possibilities there are in this respect, think of an afternoon-tea, a real, genuine, gossiping party where half-a-dozen (half-a-dozen is quite enough) aunts or uncles — yes, uncles, too — are sitting together expatiating on their fellows. 250 more words


Antipathy and karma (2) - People go through the world with far more hatred than they think

Then, in the next earthly life, out of the hatred is born what comes to us from the outer world as pain, distress, unhappiness caused from outside — in a word, the opposite of joy.  199 more words


Antipathy and karma (1)

Now let us assume that a man does positive harm to another, out of hatred or antipathy. We can imagine every conceivable degree. A man may harm his fellows out of a positively criminal sense of hatred. 157 more words


trolling & pride: courtesy of web

and I never known what humans amounted to be when they mount
childish pride on the walls blurting out hallucinogens and hologrammatic
syntaxes and statements that state nothing — are people, so adept in… 230 more words