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California or Bust

Looks like someone just got to California by the power of their 1948 Packard Super Eight. And she’s awfully darn happy about it too. Oh, and next time, kindly get the entire car in frame — yes, she’s a pretty lady yes, but the car….. 7 more words

Vintage Photo

Jeff Burgess - Spring Cleanup

A section of a larger work that highlights the interaction of our human detritus and nature- fusion photography

Fusion Photography

Human hood ornament

On a scale of 1 to 10 for photo content on this blog, I’ll give it a solid 9 with only one point off for not centering your subjects. 51 more words

Vintage Photo

"Dad… dad…..dad…. um.. dad."

I often wonder what was going on in the minds of the people taking these old photos. To capture a moment in time? A simple object, an achievement, or maybe he or she just needed to finish off the roll to get the pictures into the lab for processing (that’s how we used to do it you know). 51 more words

Vintage Photo

What to Consider When Making a Classic Car Investment

What to Consider When Making a Classic Car Investment

In November 2013, we discussed a couple reasons why classic cars make a good investment. Financial advisors today are looking at classic cars for investor’s profiles, and many classic cars are rising in value. 317 more words

Classic Car Insurance