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Trick or treat

I own 99+% of the pics you’ll find on Attic Autos, but this is a rare exception. Just too good not to share this one being so close to the holiday. 60 more words

Vintage Photo

the pink car with the green tag

i shot this through a windshield…but i had too. a grey headed man with his chocolate lab in a pink car with a Lady Gaga Vermont Vanity plate.


Going to Grandma's

If there was Facebook, back in the 50’s, no doubt in my mind this photograph would have been posted on a young parent’s wall, maybe with an update like: “Joey and Connie posing for ice cream.” Then quickly followed by a comment such as: “My, my, Joey looks more like Howdy Doody every day! 26 more words

Vintage Photo

That fender had to be hot

I guess back then this is what you did: Find a lady friend, take her out somewhere, have her pose for a photo on or near your car, place the photo in an album on a shelf in your closet, forget about it for 74 years, then have a complete stranger post it on the internet. 18 more words

Vintage Photo