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Vintage Treasures in the Heart of Budapest

As a twenty-something living in a Budapest, it’s truely a shame, that I’ve never visited Gozsdu udvar before – a row of unique bars and restaurants in the heart of the city. 193 more words



What better way to spend a fall Sunday than at an Antique Market?


Reflecting on our most recent estate sale in Greenfield WI

No Egrets Estate Sales

We want to thank all the attendee’s that visited our estate sale in Greenfield WI. September 22nd to 26th.

It was a great estate sale. 252 more words

Antique Market

A Question of Display

Antiques & Collectables Expert ~ Author & Publisher Mark Hill

Sitting in my new boutique (well, small shop, really) in London’s Grays Antiques Centre the other day, my eyes focused out of a daydream and on to the two glass cabinets that display my stock. 1,005 more words

A Delightful Crowd, of Happy Buyers at Our Recent Estate Sale In Greenfield WI.

No Egrets had the honor to be selected for a very important collector of fine Asian furnishings, art prints, paintings and figurines along with an array of power tools gardening tools and other household and office items and supplies. 82 more words

Antique Market

Monday 22nd September - Gilbert's going to have kittens when he see what I got for supper!

We headed off after breakfast to the market place. Six days of the week it’s flowers at one end and food at the other. Heaps of stalls with fruit, veg, cheese and deli items for starters, but Monday its antiques along the whole row. 729 more words


Interiors Journalist (and Vintage Shopping Addict), Ellie Tennant shares another of her vintage passions…

Keys have long represented mystery, possibility and power, symbolising new beginnings and hidden secrets 435 more words