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Decorating With Antique Radios

A dear friend of mine stopped by the Farmer’s Market in Kingston a few weekends ago and started texting me a bunch of pictures of the antique items she thought I would like. 74 more words


Where do you get the parts to build your amps (and how do you live with yourself)?

OK, the headline is probably more ominous than this posting actually is. Let’s just eliminate the bad stuff right off: no people or pets are harmed in the acquisition of parts to build amps, OK? 515 more words


1930s Vintage Detrola 335 Radio Repair

Repairing this Detrola 335 was a major detective project with only a partial schematic after it was hacked on was a major project, but this radio cleaned up nicely and came back to life after tracking down all the faults, including replaced components, undocumented modifications, and a failed thermal switch. 50 more words


1936 FADA 270T Vintage Table Radio Repair

This FADA 270T radio which came through the shop lately was a beautiful, very high end radio back in 1936. It has a huge airplane dial with dual-speed tuning and a magic eye indicator, and a beautifully organized under-chassis layout. 48 more words


1937 Westinghouse WR 226 Vintage Radio Repair

This 1937 Westinghouse radio was the second highest in their tabletop line-up for ’37 and featured 7 tubes and a large, eye-catching dial for easy tuning. 69 more words