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Lack of Eastern Promises, Kantor is no help curbing Anti-Semitism in Hungary and Romania

Hungary and Romanian are nations that have a complex shared history and lay side by side. What do both of these countries have in common that threatens their Jewish populace? 358 more words


“We will not let the Jewish people and the State of Israel stand alone when the going gets tough.” – Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird… 44 more words


Save Our Tunnels

Take a look at the chart immediately below and answer the following question: How do we explain the media uproar and US and UN urgency regarding Israel’s defensive move in Gaza if not in terms of Antisemitism? 414 more words


Challenging antisemitism on Gaza demonstrations: Reposted from the Workers' Liberty Website.

Daniel Randall from Workers’ Liberty has written the following which is re-posted from the Workers’ Liberty website.  You can read the original article here.

On the 26 July London demonstration against Israel’s assault on Gaza, I confronted a man who was carrying a placard which read “Research: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, with an image of a Star of David, dripping blood, with “666” in the centre. 1,232 more words

Two BBC programmes claim criticism of Israel brings accusations of antisemitism

h/t: DL, Amie

One annoying aspect of being an Israeli, or a person with family in Israel, at a time like this is having to listen to pundits (who it is quite safe to assume have never had to grab their children and rush to a bomb-shelter within seconds because of missile fire from terrorists) sitting safely in a studio thousands of miles away and pontificating about the rights and wrongs of a conflict upon which they apparently believe they are qualified to comment because they have read about it in the papers or watched it on television. 1,189 more words


How to Support Israel Without Being Racist/How to Criticize Israel Without Being Antisemitic

A practical guide to either supporting or opposing Israel in relation to Gaza and Palestinian issues, starting with supporters of Israel:

  1. Do go ahead and criticize Hamas.
  2. 242 more words