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10 Signs You’re An Old Soul Stuck In A Young Adult’s Body

1. You have a very small group of extremely close friends, and that’s all you need.

You have about five friends who are the greatest people you could ever imagine surrounding yourself with. 1,076 more words

The Life of An Introvert

I’m not the kind of person that will walk into a room and make mountains move.  I’m the person that would be sitting back next to the punch table, glass in hand, examining the entire room.   425 more words

Personas "tristes".

Hay varios tipos de personas “tristes”, desde las clínicas hasta las que llevan un tratamiento como más “leve”.

Comúnmente las personas “tristes” suelen ser así: … 136 more words

So Many Posts/Meeting New People.

Sorry about throwing so many posts at you all at once, but I’m allergic to whitespace. It makes my brain itch. Seriously. I feel twitchy when my personal (virtual) space is empty. 297 more words


Is Facebook Hurting the Music Scene/Society?

Why does a band need an x number of likes to release a song/announcement/artwork/etc.? Do bands even care of the people who already like/follows them? Does the number of likes on Facebook makes a band better? 406 more words



The corner has always been my bestfriend..
I remain hidden, unheard of until someone notices me.
It’s not often and that’s fine.
I mean it’s probably not healthy to always be lost in my mind, 295 more words

asocial vs. antisocial

Originally posted 7-8-08

I was recently corrected in a psychologist’s office over using the term ‘antisocial’.  He said the proper term for me is ‘asocial’.  869 more words