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Time for bed

The wife made me promise her I would take my medication. I hadn’t taken them since Friday afternoon. May explain the sense of being a bit on edge more than usual. 26 more words


Future Husband - Idlewood Zine Romance

I was recently thumbing through a copy of Idlewood, which is a zine that I contribute to featuring local ladies who skateboard, ride motorcycles, and essentially get up to random mischief, when I realized that I had the gift of prophecy. 2,148 more words


Being Anti-Social

I am here to share my thoughts and my story or experience as an antisocial person. Well first of all, I feel like being an antisocial is being misjudge a lot and people confused it with being shy or depressed. 641 more words

What the hell am I doing? 

So I’m guessing that the only reason your reading this is because you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and don’t actually know what you’ve clicked on, but never the less I’m going to talk anyway. 140 more words


Pass me the wine.

December. A magical wonderland of mulled wine inhalation and baggy chub-hiding Christmas jumpers. A month where we swop low fat Greek yogurt breakfasts for 8am Cadbury hero binges and opt for a loose-fitting Christmas-party outfit because we’re realists – and realistically, we all know we’re entering a month of unashamed pound-piling over indulgence. 451 more words


Old Man

The more I stay inside, away from everyone else, even in my room to avoid the people I live with, the better I feel. Less things to hate, get annoyed at and the more I can occupy my time with things to distract myself from morbidity of my thoughts. 550 more words

Mental Health

Why I Quit Facebook: Part Two

A little while back I made a post about quitting Facebook. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. In that post, I explained why I kicked the habit, but I promised an update about what I would be doing with all of my new-found time. 797 more words