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Day ??? of the hermit life

The more I stay away from people, the more I find their practices a sham. Their greetings rehearsed and their conversations dull and vapid. Why is it that I feel so utterly disconnected from humanity? 47 more words

Wet Is the New Black. Oh, And Other Slogan Worthy Personal Tragedies

Things I do these days, in between seducing teenage vampires and saving the world from zombies:


It’s been so hot in London these past couple of weeks, it’s almost felt like proper summer. 1,043 more words


Ten Reasons Why I'm Not At That Blog-Thing

1.  California is way on the other side of the country.  Definitely not a day trip.

2.  People.  People, everywhere.  So many people…

3.  Conferences are work, right?   375 more words


Do not disturb

It’s not that I’m an antisocial person. I’m not. But if I’m traveling alone, which means I’m either traveling to or from a business meeting, I really don’t want to engage in inane, time-wasting conversations with people I’ve never met before, will never see again, and about whom I couldn’t care less. 663 more words


The Dark Triad and how to climb corporate ladder faster.

The bartender asks, ‘who has the darkest personality out of you three?’ The Narcissist says ‘me’, the Antisocial says, ‘I don’t care’ and the Machiavellian says ‘it’s whoever I want it to be’. 546 more words

i am an introvert.

i recently googled the definition of an introvert. this is what i got:

a shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person

i can maybe agree with most of that.

482 more words

Time to Unplug

One of my biggest regrets in life is how much I have missed. I always seem to be on my phone either perusing through Facebook, scrolling on Instagram, or pinning on Pinterest. 441 more words