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Fellowship & introversion

Hi guys! I haven’t posted in, what?, like 4 years? I’m excited to say that I’ve just finished my last class for my bachelors degree and will be open now to SO.MUCH.BLOGGING. 648 more words

Izzy and the Holiday Shindig

Every year, I invite my faculty and staff to my house for an annual holiday party.  People tend to come in “shifts” — ten or twenty at a time, over a three-hour span.   471 more words


The Mind, And How I Fucking Hate It!

First of all, let me say sorry for the lack of posts, it turns out I’m really lazy – that’s it… No excuse, I’m just a lazy douche who can’t keep their mind set on something for more than 10 seconds. 320 more words

How to Not Get a DUI

This is why I don’t go to social events. Especially holiday parties with a bunch of 30+ year olds.

The Specs

Who was driving?

Me. Alone. 1,138 more words


This Funeral May Kill Me

Hello again Lovelies :)

As you may have collected from my last post, I am in New Mexico. I came to Albuquerque for my grandmothers funeral, after receiving a text from my father that she had passed away. 673 more words


Do you hate too much?

Do you hate too much?

In school, in college, in your classes do you see others and wonder “how can they be so stupid?” or “why am I even here?” or even better think about how you would torture them if you had your chance? 227 more words


Why do I still care? Why can’t I let this anger go? The weird feeling that still lives inside my stomach, and the crazy thoughts that are still rambling through my mind. 45 more words