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Time to go to bed dumbass!

I’ve taken my meds and now it’s time for being a responsible adult starting in the morning. I suppose that if there’s any silver lining it’ll be a short (3 day) work week for me. 19 more words

We are not all the same.

All too easily, we assume that everyone else is honest, intelligent, and trying to do the right thing, just like us. Similarly, a psychopath thinks that everyone else is evil like himself. 32 more words


The Tattooed Lady

If you have ever seen a photo of me, you have seen at least one of my tattoos. For me, tattoos are therapy. I enjoy the act of being tattooed, and I enjoy the finished product immensely. 918 more words


The Dangling Carrot

The last few months of my pregnancy were exceptionally hard on me. I was taking my medication, but felt as though it was no longer helping. 737 more words


It’s the end of a weekend and holidays are coming up which, as ever, I’m not really looking forward to. Of course there’s the pre-requisite social gatherings with the in-laws and the shorter weekends throughout the end of the year but it’s the “holidays” which I’ve never really been into as an adult and less so the older I get. 116 more words


Something different (But in all honesty quite the same)

I went for a good 20 mile mountain bike ride today by myself into the hills outside town.

I saw a number of Scrub Jays and two great Red-tailed hawks. 309 more words

Save Me, I Can't Save Myself

November 15, 2014

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I guess it seemed like there wasn’t much to write about. But once again I am in that mood where there are so many things that I want to say, but no one to tell them to. 522 more words