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Post holiday sydrome

hi guys

so I at the moment I am sitting in bed at 12am writing this. sound familiar?

anyway, the other day when I was attempting to concentrate in maths class, a wave of stuffed up fangirl emotions hit me: I have officially diagnosed myself with PHS, aka Post Holiday Syndrome. 170 more words


A Psychological Report

So, I just found this. It’s the report that was made by the clinical psychiatrist following my sessions. It is a pretty interesting read. Enjoy! (I’ve removed any personal info such as my name and the clinic I was seen at) 1,149 more words

Mental Health

15 Weird Dilemmas People Who Cannot Handle Making Plans Will Understand

1. There is nothing more stressful than having to buy a plane ticket a few months in advance, because what if you don’t want to go on that trip? 519 more words



How many friends do you have?


How many do you really know?

Do any of them really know you, much less care? 72 more words

Off My Mind

Existential Crisis I

October 21, 2014

It seems kind of early to be saying this, but I’m already worrying about the friends that I am going to lose touch with after college is over. 552 more words


The Writer: A New View of the "Over-Assumed Antisocialite of Society"

I am a writer.

And yes, I don’t really talk that much. I’d say I rather gather information from what I hear and see but that does not deter from me wanting to chat. 551 more words