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One-eyed one-horned...people pleaser?

Well I just went way out of my comfort zone and ditched last minute some plans I had with my classmates. I feel guilty and I’m kind of freaking out about canceling, but here’s the thing: 296 more words

Entrepreuninsight: Ant-esocial

One of the internet’s greatest gifts is its ability to connect people. Anyone with an internet connection can communicate with the whole world, give or take local censorship laws, which would have seemed inconceivable not long ago. 347 more words


Motive pentru care uneori devin antisocial, bolnav etc

Nesimțirea, prostia, tupeul meltenesc, birocrația exagerată, ipocrizia, copiii îndobitociți și cretinizați, care visează doar sânge, capete sparte, iphone-uri și alte prostii, știrile de la ora 5, mass-media în general, pițipoancele, cocalarii, semidocții (mai ales dacă sunt și insolenți…), cozile, aglomerația, jungla din mijloacele de transport în comun, barbaria gândurilor “umanilor”, paradoxurile sociale, mulțimile strânse să susțină o cauză care le este indusă forțat, cauză pe care în realitate nimeni din mulțime nu o cunoaște, adolescenții, care cică sunt viitorul țării (mi-e frică de viitor, sincer), indiferența, prejudecățile, … , +infinit

Gânduri, Stări, Imagini

Deported to Camp for Troubled Teens

At least, that’s how it feels like. UUGHH.

I’m slightly pissed off. Okay, a lot pissed off. Two weeks ago, while I was still bed ridden with my surgery (long story short, I’m crippled) my mother decided to sign me up to a camp deep within the mountains of somewhere. 226 more words


8 Signs You're Dating An Antisocial Guy

1. He “doesn’t want to talk about it.”

This guy considers real conversation about emotions to be like a dog chasing its tail. If he hurt your feelings, he is likely to be one of those guys that adds stipulations to his apology, “I’m sorry that what I did hurt your feelings” instead of admitting what he did was, in itself, hurtful, and not just to you. 706 more words

Lead exposure and behavior

Yesterday I blogged about the effects of environmental toxins on brain development. Here is a recent paper titled: “Lead Exposure and Behavior: Effects on Antisocial and Risky Behavior among Children and Adolescents.” The abstract reads: 121 more words