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Hi, I’m a 43 year old blogger with a warped sense of reality. I live my life with mental illness (bipolar 1 to be exact). I also suffer from social and generalized anxiety. 138 more words


Antisocial media.

We all have those friends on Facebook that constantly complain about Facebook. The ones that insist they are leaving “I’m gonna jump! I’m outta here” yet they are still there. 798 more words


I have been absent for a while.  It’s bad news, unfortunately.  I have been trying to write about this for about a month, but a combination of burnout and antisocial-ness has prevented me from doing so.  2,217 more words


You Are Now Leaving Anti-Social

I’ve been antisocial all my life and it has been a struggle. So when I decided I wanted to leave, I didn’t really think things through. 427 more words


Antisocial (2013)

Facebook owns us. Even when it’s doing incredibly dodgy things like messing with our newsfeeds to prove that people sometimes people feel sad, we curl up next to it during our evenings at home; mindful that it may do it again. 197 more words


Day ??? of the hermit life

The more I stay away from people, the more I find their practices a sham. Their greetings rehearsed and their conversations dull and vapid. Why is it that I feel so utterly disconnected from humanity? 47 more words

Wet Is the New Black. Oh, And Other Slogan Worthy Personal Tragedies

Things I do these days, in between seducing teenage vampires and saving the world from zombies:


It’s been so hot in London these past couple of weeks, it’s almost felt like proper summer. 1,043 more words