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The Writer: A New View of the "Over-Assumed Antisocialite of Society"

I am a writer.

And yes, I don’t really talk that much. I’d say I rather gather information from what I hear and see but that does not deter from me wanting to chat. 551 more words

: humans are pack animals :

Don’t believe me? Get on the freeway.

Contrary to popular opinion, American highways are not great big parking lots. The one you’re on, yes, it’s gridlocked, but there’s open road ahead and behind. 362 more words


Not Chipper

Depressed and fat.
I ate a lot but i was depressed before that. Now my stomach is just past the point of bursting and it hurts its so full, and I still feel so alone. 763 more words


What is this blog going to be about?

This blog is going to be for me to express my thoughts that are too much to be released onto my unsuspecting friends and family. It will be to celebrate my little victories and mourn over my losses. 20 more words



i am guilty of not paying attention, as i know a lot of you guys are… its a thing you cant even help but do now. 281 more words


Musings on Monotony

This weekend I returned to my hometown after 7 weeks of living in London. I wanted to collect the rest of my belongings, but this also involved seeing and staying with my family. 356 more words

Mental Health

Okay my blog, i realized i have severe commitment issues. this blog was supposed to be my escape where i just write whatever i wanted but i’ve been avoiding it because there are days i really have nothing to write so i stall and avoid it and then i’ve been gone so long I forgot my password and that just sucks really it does. 299 more words