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Ebola Big Picture

Here we go again, spending millions and millions of dollars on symptoms of a viral epidemic without bothering to look at the cause. Let’s say we actually manage to raise enough money so that every victim of Ebola gets a quarantined bed, a chance at an antidote or at least compassionate palliative care – where does that lead? 2,152 more words

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Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course: Episode 6

TheHealthRanger, September 2014

Pandemic Preparedness: The world’s most powerful antiviral herbs and natural medicines revealed in free audio recording


The best way to help your body protect itself against Ebola (or any virus or bacteria)

The most successful way to fight off a virus or infection is to build a strong immune system. Given the current Ebola outbreak, many are looking for ways to strengthen their natural defenses. 91 more words

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Natural Ebola Prevention Strategies

So far there are no new confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States, but there have been 5000 false alarms since Thomas Duncan’s diagnosis in Dallas. 499 more words


Nature's antibiotics

Recently I wrote about Vitamin D to boost the immune system but customers have been asking me about natural antibiotics. I have worked in the Health Industry for almost 20 years and Echinacea and Garlic are two that have stood the test of time. 333 more words

Ebola and Fomitopsis Officinalis

Ebola is in Dallas. Don’t panic, stay healthy. What should you do? Stock up on water and most importantly buy Agarikon by Host Defense. Boost your immune system the smart way, through empowering your macrophage warriors to do their job. 515 more words

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