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Titles and Epithets for the Gods in Magical Papyri

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the past week with some translations of magical papyri. It occurred to me that some of the titles and epithets which the Magician uses to address the Gods (or even to identify with them) are quite interesting. 474 more words

Food For Thought

Of Collars and Vows

I had known about this for months, but was still nervous.  More excited than anything else, but still a little bit nervous–this was a big step I was taking, after all.  311 more words

Sacred D/s

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Hail Briar and the beginning of a new chapter in her relationship with Anubis. Oaths and vows, especially ones to deities, regardless of the nature of the relationship involved, are never things to take lightly because there there are almost no take backs involved. At the same time, however, such oaths and vows can be very beautiful and powerful between the person and deity or deities they are oathing themselves to. I love hearing and reading about the various relationships folks’ possess with their deities as it is a very beautiful and rewarding thing to behold. I wish nothing but the best for Briar and Anubis – May their path together always be full of love and strength.


Just a quick copy of an Egyptian relief… Quite good fun actually.

The Afterlife

This is a Kemetic Round Table response. If you wish to see all the responses for this month, go here.

The ancient Egyptians are famous for their elaborate preparations for death. 806 more words


Anubis Gate. 14 nov 2014 kl. 20:00 CPH

Back in September did a friend and i go to support our friend who plays for Anubis Gate. We where asked about if we would like to sell the CD’s while we where there from the latest 2 albums. 116 more words

The origin of...Black

“A woman needs just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm, a man she loves.” Coco Chanel

Black is the color associated with formality, power, elegance, evil, death, mystery and the unknown. 424 more words

Colors And Numbers

After Life

Bare feet slapped over the dark limestone ground, echoing obscenely in the lingering silence and shattering any illusions that the room had been drained of its occupants only a few hours before as the lights had gone down and the doors closed up. 915 more words