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How do I even find the words

(I posted this on my tumblr, but I wanted to post it here since I have not done much. I am alive I promise)

This valentine’s day I have so many things planned for Him. 345 more words


Cult of Anubis/Anpu

Hey everyone,

I am reading a book called ‘The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark.’ It’s a great book. I’m almost finished with it, but anyway, my subject of my post is about Anubis/Anpu. 121 more words


Anubis DreamCatcher

for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com

for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com… 47 more words


Gratitude for Life (Even in Death)

Over the weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday. This milestone has become a rather ambiguous one in Britain; although it symbolises reaching a certain level of maturity, and therefore status, many young people dread this birthday as it also represents the closure of youth and the approach of middle age and all those things that come with it – weight gain, failing health, lower energy levels and so on. 420 more words

Rituals & Festivals

Monday Musings - Honouring Gaia

My first guide and inspiration will always be Gaia. She is the personification of the Earth, the very land we stand upon. She nurtures us and supports us. 167 more words


Mark Clemison: God Called Me Out of an Illuminati Family

Mark Clemison, in a speech, had this to say:

William Booth who founded the Salvation Army adopted my grandfather.

Booth was a missionary did who great work, going into brothels and bars and getting people out, preaching the great message. 1,982 more words


Anubis, The Ark & The Gates Of Heaven

Some awesome research, and connections very few have made.