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The Osirian Myths

Like the Creation Myths, the ancient Egyptians had many different versions of the Osirian Myths. What follows is simply my favorite version of them.

So, when we left off Nut had just had five children: Osiris, Horus the Elder, Set, Isis, and Nephthys. 378 more words


I Found Her

Hey everyone,

Well I finally found her. I found my personal goddess. It’s taken a long time for me to find my personal goddess. My personal god, Anubis/Anpu, came to me before she did and I have waited so long. 65 more words


Transforming Fear—A shamanic journey with Anubis ~ Nicki Scully @ Shamanic Journeys

Anubis found guarding the treasury in Tutankhamun’s Tomb, Cairo Museum


Transforming Fear—A shamanic journey with Anubis

Nicki Scully

Following is a guided shamanic journey with the Egyptian god of the underworld, Anubis, Opener of the Way. 750 more words

A Shamanic Journey

NSDocument notification when file was opened

I’m writing a document based app that accepts dropped files, edits them and then opens them in another app and exits.

It accepts the drop, calls… 115 more words


The River Ar

This is a random excerpt of book three from an untitled (as of yet) novel related to The High King’s Embalmer:

Pictured above is the Nile River. 2,478 more words

Protectors (rated R)

This was an assignment on how to write in one of our favorite authors style. I chose J. R. Ward, and the scene is hot and steamy. 1,623 more words