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What the collapse of ancient capitals can teach us about the cities of today | Cities | The Guardian

Based on the work of the archaeologist Roland Fletcher, Srinath Perur warns us that we may suffer the same fate as “Tikal, Angkor and Anuradhapura.” These ancient cities  collapsed “after thriving for more than a millennium.” And despite the fact that they “were very different cities in their geography, environment and social and political functioning…they all had operational similarities: extensive land clearance, sprawling low-density settlement patterns, massive infrastructure – all of which are attributes of modern cities. 37 more words


Climbing to the Top of Mihintale with Sri Lanka Tourism Packages

Mihintale is perhaps the most sacred landform in Sri Lanka, after the Adam Peak. It is a mountain near Anuradhapura, and climbing to its top with Sri Lanka tourism packages can be a great idea. 338 more words


Fading Murals of Bihalpola Raja Maha Vihare

Information is pretty thin stuff, unless mixed with experience said the American author Clarence Day and so it was with the Bihalpola Raja Maha Vihare… 1,038 more words

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Dutch writer/publisher on a mission to promote Sri Lankan tourism and investments

By Jayampathy Jayasinghe

A Dutch writer and publisher who first visited Sri Lanka about three years ago is now assisting tourist authorities in the western province to develop a good tourist product and also engaged in writing a book on architecture that would explain the country’s ancient irrigation and cultivation systems. 534 more words

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