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Numeric to Alpha: it's the logical thing to do

For a long while the operator’s key pad on a piece of machinery at my place of work has been deficient in the numeric key department. 52 more words

Digital Photography


İnternet çağındayız. Bilgi elimizin altında, ama bu bilgiyi doğru kullanıyor muyuz?

Yaş 30, artık yokus aşağı iniş başladı, vucudumda sinyalleri vermeye başladı, ara ara kendimi dinler oldum, bünyem de normalde olmayan bir şeye rastlarsam kıllanmaya başladım ama bugun anladım ki bir daha asla google da her hangi bir kelimenin sonuna BELİRTİLERİ kelimesini ekleyip search butonuna basmayacağım. 887 more words

15. Dec. 2014

How can you tell those very special people in your life how you feel and think about them?

By gifting them the WOODEN ASSHOLE!!

Nothing says “I despise the very ground you cast your filthy shadow on!” quite like a wooden anus. 22 more words


De-classified 1

I agree with the philosophy of starting with zero(portal) and thus this post is labeled “1”

Reasons for desiring a to be a solanus.

Solanus is the kind of person that when their supra(super smart(compared to the normal 3d world) is going through the throws( :) ) and troubles of a thousand arrows of the mind, and smash their fist through a wall or smashes a glass photo frame, a solanus, immediately ask, “oh my god? 230 more words

Subliminal Scribble 112

One day two South Africans, one Namibian and an American went to shoot pool at Stones in Observatory after eating pizza. The Namibian noticed that the South African woman was chatting on her Blackberry and boldly remarked, “That’s very anti-social. 144 more words


Prostate Stimulation - Step by Step

  1. Thinking about Prostate Stimulation here are our recommended Steps:  Relax and clean up 
    Many of us have issues with cleanliness when it comes to exploring anal play.
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Les cyclopes étaient en réalité des gens qui marchaient sur les mains.

Il va falloir changer la manière dont on raconte l’histoire des cyclopes et très probablement cesser de la raconter aux écoliers.

L’histoire des ces monstres est apparue sous jour nouveau depuis la découverte d’une amphore vieille de plusieurs milliers d’années. 144 more words