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Prostate Stimulation - Step by Step

  1. Thinking about Prostate Stimulation here are our recommended Steps:  Relax and clean up 
    Many of us have issues with cleanliness when it comes to exploring anal play.
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Les cyclopes étaient en réalité des gens qui marchaient sur les mains.

Il va falloir changer la manière dont on raconte l’histoire des cyclopes et très probablement cesser de la raconter aux écoliers.

L’histoire des ces monstres est apparue sous jour nouveau depuis la découverte d’une amphore vieille de plusieurs milliers d’années. 144 more words


White-Spotted Sea Cucumber

This may be too much information, but White-Spotted Sea Cucumber has an anus lined with five inward-point teeth. There are some animals that like to hide out inside of the intestines of sea cucumbers and the teeth are a possible deterrent of that. 45 more words

Getting Our Just Desserts

My Aunt Jo used to say, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” She uttered that phrase any time we complained or didn’t seem grateful for something she did for us. 514 more words


Too much of a stretch

I have tried some exotic foods in my life but Arby’s set the bar too high for me. The below sign is located close to my neighborhood. 26 more words