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Pakatan Rakyat is Resolved on Selangor MB

The Pakatan Rakyat leadership just made a press statement on this matter. It was a clear statement to give face to PAS and Hadi who had earlier the day decided to stay with Pakatan Rakyat and also nominated Azmin as an additional candidate for the MB post. 223 more words


PAS Oversteps Pakatan Rakyat Boundary

PAS decided this morning that they will stay in Pakatan Rakyat in solidarity of the coalition but surprised everyone to recommend not only Wan Azizah but included Azmin as well. 228 more words

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Meniti Jalan Jalan Terakhir Bertarikh 28, 29 Oktober 2014 Untuk Anwar Ibrahim

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PUTRAJAYA 14 Ogos – Rayuan akhir Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bagi mengetepikan hukuman penjara lima tahun atas kesalahan meliwat Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan akan didengar oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan pada 28 dan 29 Oktober ini. 444 more words

MB Khalid Last Stand

MB Khalid has been sacked from PKR. PAS must decide their position on the Selangor MB. DAP has decided to stand with PKR. Khalid met with HRH Sultan of Selangor to confirm his MB position. 449 more words

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What Would Anwar Do?

Well, the Selangor MB saga seems to be just about settled, and Anwar’s got Khalid safely out of the way. Now, how would Pakatan handle the issues that Khalid had been heavily criticised for? 14 more words


Make or Break for Pakatan in Selangor

MB Khalid has been hauled up to appear before the PKR disciplinary committee and it does not look like he will oblige. Sunday will be a date to reckon for Pakatan Rakyat as PKR and DAP and possibly PAS will meet within their leadership committees. 295 more words

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