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The Politics of the Last Great Wilderness

The Obama administration is turning heads by proposing new protections for large portions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. ANWR is often referred to as the “Last Great Wilderness” because it boasts 19,286,722 pristine acres of truly wild Alaskan land. 569 more words

Senator Begich, the Art of Persuasion, and how he Worked for Alaska.

Screaming, argumentative Alaska Senators don’t accomplish much. Over the last several days designating more of the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve “wilderness” has been all over the news.  53 more words

Alaska Is Big, why can't we Drill for Oil up here?

With over 57 million acres of designated wilderness, including the 18 million acre Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska is a vast wilderness.  When you fly over Alaska during the night, you may go for miles without detecting lights on the ground. 66 more words

Obama's Anti-ANWR-Drilling Video Shot Aboard Air Force One

Which has a 53,611 gallon fuel tank.

Just a reminder, Democrat opposition to drilling in ANWR is based entirely on voter ignorance, as it’s utterly ridiculous: ANWR is larger than Nebraska, and the plan is to replace an existing military base the size of an airport with a drilling facility. 23 more words


Summary from Team Obama: Drilling for oil in Alaska? Bad; Drilling for oil off the Atlantic Coast? Good

The New York Times is reporting this morning that President Obama is about to allow energy companies access to the massive oil and natural gas reserves off of the Atlantic Coast. 424 more words

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Flashback: ANWR in Pictures (and Words)

Since President Obama has returned ANWR to the front-burner, we thought it would be time to reprise a HomaFiles balst-from-the-past …


According to Jonah Goldberg, writing in the… 188 more words


26 Jan 15

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