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Staying Positive

Telling myself things like “you can do this” and “you’ll be fine” don’t exactly work. If anything they make my anxiety worse.

I just put in my two weeks notice at work to start another job and my anxiety is through the roof! 223 more words

My Home, My Sanctuary

Do you like being home or going places? I love being home. Not just because of my illnesses, but because I truly love my home. We have been able to create a sanctuary. 425 more words

Mental Illnesses

Exposure for Social Anxiety - I just feel naked and embarrassed

They say the more you face your fears, the easier they become to deal with.
If this is so, then why am I a quivering, anxious, aggressive mess? 696 more words

Mental Health Issues

How To Better Manage Anxiety

Charting a Course for Better Managing Your Anxiety

By Barry Barmann, PhD, Anxiety Topic Expert Contributor

Arriving at a Fork in the Road: The Start of Your Journey… 1,226 more words


My Terrible Secret

Shhh..I’ll tell you a secret, my terrible secret, but you can’t tell anyone.

We all have secrets, right?

My best secret is that things happen and I don’t blog about them. 635 more words


An Aftermath

I’m not sure of why people have anxiety disorders, whether they are born with it or if it’s developed through the course of ones life. I feel that they have to be developed though, because you learn, fear you know? 449 more words