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Lets Call Him Jeremy...

In fact I’d go as far to say that we can call him Jez, by ‘him’ I do in fact mean my ridiculously terrible therapist. 344 more words

Mad Fat Diary

Surviving Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be extremely scary and/or debilitating. Have you ever felt unable to catch your breath, or like your heart is going to explode, and believed that you could die? 

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Mental Health

OCD & learning more about it leads to Control

OCD isn’t just about washing your hands like Lady Macbeth. OCD is the disease of anxiety on steroids. Fear is in charge & by thinking obsessively or following compulsive rituals you create a sense of “safety” which is stolen from fear. 409 more words


Upendo Mbali

The bad news is that the story was left on a rather peculiar note- a now wheelchair bound camel, utterly miserable and living in nest with a bird! 246 more words

Mad Fat Diary

Pounding Office

My heart is pounding.

I’m sitting waiting

at the doctor’s office

the feeling from this morning returns.

The pounding that is

almost like a choking up… 22 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Sinking, Raw, Shaking, Loss

I’m sinking, my thoughts pulling me under

Thanks for the new improved chemical imbalance drugs

(said sarcastically, with shiny enthusiasm and positive energy!!)

I’m like an iceberg now… 270 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Medications for Social Anxiety Disorders

Evidenced based used psychopharmacological treatments are often times used to treat the target disorder or condition. It is the clinically desired treatment to use pharmacological products along with psychotherapy. 38 more words