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Have you ever broken a tooth or had one pulled? I’ve had many pulled but they were always in inconspicuous places. Last night my lateral incisor tooth broke off almost completely. 318 more words

Mental Illnesses

A Brief Interlude of Adieu

Rest in peace to my willpower: that bastion of control and of self-mastery that is always encouraged, even to dangerous levels.

Rest in peace to taut, tight: that which is glorified in al photos, and in all women. 75 more words

No rules, just write.

I think I’ve lost my focus a bit. When I started writing a couple of years or so ago, the purpose was to document my illness and track my progress; or lack thereof. 1,201 more words

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Hyper Awareness as a Superpower or Albatross?

I’m sitting at home on a Tuesday night, wearing my comfy gray sweatpants and eating some pre-Halloween candy. I’m pretending like Boof reffing a football game is the reason I didn’t go to yoga, even though I cancelled the childcare I had lined up. 673 more words


I Think It Is Time....

….to see the doctor.

Although I am on medication and have been learning different coping techniques for my anxiety I feel I need to follow-up with the doctor. 270 more words

How to Help Someone With an Eating Disorder

1. NEVER EVER comment on what they are eating.

Don’t say you’re proud, don’t say it looks great, don’t talk about how sweet it is, don’t say it looks like a lot.   1,547 more words


I used to love waking up stretching and just smiling about the day to come. Lately it has been wake up, ANXIETY, stretch, HEADACHE, smile, ANXIETY. 158 more words