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Living with Anxiety Disorders.

Well, actually it took me a while to decide if I could talk about such things here since no one seems to have any problems. Do not get me wrong people, I really do not wish for you to suffer or struggle through your life, but all of the lovely blogs I like to read are pretty much their writer’s happy place. 991 more words


I'm Insane...

Lyrics from an old Ratt song I’ve always related to:

“i’m off my rocker, fell out of a tree, been standing on shaking ground, there’s no helping me…I’m insane…” 249 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Learning to Feel Safe

In the beginning of February I was starting cognitive behavioral therapy. The office is about 45 minutes away and my husband would have to take me to my weekly appointments. 631 more words


In honour of my therapist

I owe a great deal to my psychologist and psychiatrist. They are amazing people and although I know I pay them to help me, that’s not the point for me. 108 more words


GAD - How to Find Out If You Suffer From Generalized Anxiety Disorder!

Generalized anxiety disorder is a long term generalized feeling of anxiousness that lasts for more than six months but doesn’t have panic attacks, phobias or obsessions attached to it. 594 more words

Anxiety Treatment

Standing on the precipice..

Have you ever had those days, or weeks, where life is going okay? Nothing overly stressful is happening, your usual companion of anxiety/depression seems to have gone underground for a spell, and therefore you are functioning pretty darn well, if you do say so yourself! 612 more words

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3000 Likes On Facebook = Free Anxiety eBook Giveaway!

In return for an amazing increase in support through The Anxiety Guy Facebook page, I thought it would be a great idea to give back the love through my inspirational Me Vs Myself On And Off The Court free anxiety eBook. 156 more words

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