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The First Trimester

My daughter’s physical therapist wanted to know all about my pregnancy. Honestly, it was only about 6 months ago and pregnancy seems like a blur at this point. 1,108 more words

Our Story

Literally cry at everything

So, basically the title says it all. I know that lots of people with depression and anxiety disorders cry a lot, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my case is special or different. 200 more words

Spontaneous DIA/Coheed and Cambria Adventure Liveblog

Okay! I wasn’t planning on doing a liveblog of this, but given the events of the day do far, I figured it was well worth stopping off to do a sort of half-assed liveblog of my day. 595 more words

How a High School Story Evolves -- Devil's Lake

A suicidal young woman becomes obsessed with the man who has the supernatural power to compel her out of depression and anxiety.

Graduating high school is supposed to be exciting. 632 more words

The Truth That's Me

Help. I’m lost. I sit and ask myself who I am and no real answer comes up. All I get are the scripted answers placed in my psyche through years of outside interaction. 49 more words

Bi Polar

Treatment with Antidepressants for Anxiety Disorders

Some of my patients get very confused with they are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and are prescribed antidepressants.  It is not uncommon for them to have mixed feelings about this and to delay starting medications.  835 more words

Psychiatric Medications

Political Mass Email Marketing

Dear Political Organizations,

Your emails are too frequent and every email is sent as if the world is truly coming to an end.  Your issues are so urgent that most of your subject lines are in all CAPS.  410 more words

It Came Out Of My Head