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Feeling Anxious vs. Having an Anxiety Disorder

Around the age of 18 I began having problems with anxiety. I had a lot of people struggling to understand how anxiety differed from healthy anxieties that people have and trying to insist that what I was going through was normal. 628 more words

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Inside An Anxious Mind

I was told by the counsellor at my university counselling service at the beginning of the last academic year that I have Anxiety Disorder. All the time that I’ve been stressing, feeling my heart pounding in my chest as I sit down to write an essay or to do my seminar reading.. 993 more words



Where have I been of late, you ask? Oh, just trying to unpack and settle in to our new domicile. It’s been a damn challenge, that’s fore sure, more physically challenging that mentally, to be honest. 376 more words

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Things are going very well.


A few months ago, I was completely lost. My anxiety had crossed the barriers of my small comfort zone, which meant I had uncontrollable panic attacks even just sitting my room. 274 more words


Emily Aube on how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks

Emily Aube on how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks.




Anxiety Attacks

Moving Schools

The hardest thing about moving a lot growing up, was that I never knew we were moving until the day we were moving. This was hard in the beginning, but I got really good at leaving friends behind after awhile. 540 more words