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Stupid and Dumb and Scared

While it’s different for everyone, anxiety can be a devastating ailment that destroys personal, as well as social, enjoyment. The subject is still sensitive for me but sometimes you must share your struggles to fully move on from them—and maybe it’ll help a few others in the process. 827 more words


The queen without friends

Sure- I may have a few people who I talk to, but none anymore that care to see me outside of school obligations. If they would be okay with seeing me, they aren’t supportive of me in the way that a true friend should be. 999 more words

What is it all about?🌈🌜

what is this all about for me? Expressing myself through the form of writing and pictures. Same as every other blogger I suppose. I don’t intend for anyone to ever read it. 8 more words

And I've Never Been In Love

Do you think of her when you tell me that you love me?

Do you wonder about her when you kiss me?

Do you remember her when I buy you stupid shirts from tourist shops? 44 more words

All Of The Above

Lights... camera... acute self-loathing...

Being that I have so many life changing processes that I am pursuing at the moment I had an idea to document things on video with a nebulous further concept of maybe using some of said video on Youtube or somewhere like that to inspire others who had gone through similar things or something. 483 more words

Breaking the stigma around mental illness

The number of students dealing with mental illness these days is astronomical. With daily crying in the library around exam season, 14 month counselling wait-lists, and public counselors 100% booked weeks in advance, something is not being done right. 868 more words

Reflections & Realizations

The Fruit of Fretting

Most of you know, my husband is currently deployed. This article was written several months ago, but I find it again relevant–even to me, the author. 791 more words