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R E S P E C T (just a little bit)

Part of the reason I started this blog was to help people understand what it’s like to live with something like an eating disorder. (Or anxiety, or depression, or any other type of mental illness.) There is so much misunderstanding out there about mental illness that I hoped to serve as a beacon of light in the overwhelming darkness. 637 more words


Holding on Forever.

It’s been one of those days where the music doesn’t stop playing. The soundtrack in my mind repeats the same song over and over. Although the Paradise Fears concert I went this weekend definitely flipped the light switch back on, I feel my will to live hitting an all time high. 56 more words

Wishing Well

We have all been hurt. Some of us have been hurt badly, I’m even willing to say that many of us have been hurt badly. We have felt broken, tattered and left to stand alone at the lowest point of our lives. 303 more words

Hard Times

Another month floats by...

I have been having really bad AF cramps since 9dpiui, today is 11dpiui. My boobs are no longer sore. I know my next cycle is about the start. 375 more words


Running and the Fear / Shame Paradox

When I started training for my first marathon, I began to notice a very strange sense of anxiety that would occur right before a run.  It was particularly acute on those early morning runs, when dragging myself out of bed while it was still stark seemed like the most challenging thing in the world. 1,093 more words


No Xanax required

When I make a snafu, I enjoy the big ones. After the phase of beating myself up for being such an idiot, there is time for laughter. 241 more words


Little Steps

Hey everyone, I promise to update you on the super cool festival I went to over the weekend, but I typed a long entry at work and forgot to hit save, so…I don’t really want to try to retype all of that at the moment. 437 more words