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The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Chaos...Terry Matlen #bookreview

Synopsis: Do you rule the realm of disorganization, clutter, and chaos? Are you constantly battling to get things done? Are you ready to give up and toss your day planner into the dungeon (otherwise known as your closet)? 400 more words

Hitting a wall

I haven’t written in a while, though the desire has been there. The energy has not been. Too much has been going on, that when I get a chance, nothing comes out. 6 more words



How do you learn to stay put and fight when every single cell in your body is screaming at you to run?

After all the hardship with the ‘ex-boy’ the past few years and the intense break up that followed come March 2014, it took me a while to convince myself that I would have to eventually trust again. 1,160 more words

Get Me Lucid!

“What differentiates a conscious, centered being from a person who is not so conscious is simply the focus of their awareness. It’s not a difference in the consciousness itself.… Just as all light from the sun is the same, all awareness is the same.”

1,009 more words

Slow down during the holidays

Slowdownnow.org is a great website to visit when you are feeling rushed and need to take a break.

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OMG! I'm Growing Tinsel!

It really must be Christmastime.

I woke up this morning, dragged myself out of bed. First stop (you got it), the restroom. After ‘resting’ I looked in the mirror and the woman looking back at me was growing… 97 more words

Christmas With Mental Illness

Christmas is a very difficult time of year for those of us with mental health problems. Particularly, those of us in the middle of a period where our condition actively affects a lot of aspects of our life. 926 more words