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Confessions in the doctors office..

Today I had to fess up to my self harm and self suturing! 

I was really nervous about explaining this to my doctor. I was imagining she would totally freak and tell me off for a.) self harming, and b.) Suturing myself!  326 more words

Mental Health


That’s a nickname given a character in a book I’ve been reading about a pious little girl from a strict religious community. Whenever her sister said something outrageously sinful her head would swivel towards her mother for reassurance. 599 more words


The perfect everything.

It doesn’t take a lot for me to get overwhelmed and anxious. Really, it only takes about two things to go wrong in my planned week for me to lose it and start crying. 234 more words


Antidepressants and Pregnancy

I started my meds last night, and I’ve told my bf I’m on them. He didn’t say too much which I’m assuming is because he doesn’t want to make a big deal of it. 106 more words

Things People With Social Anxiety Are Tired of Hearing

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, trying to figure out how to talk about my anxiety without blowing it out of proportion. 1,063 more words


The Cold

Caught in the battle with my own dark shadows,

Running into the wild, with no destination to follow,

Feeling the cold breeze makes me freeze. 57 more words


You know, it’s funny. I started this whole blog because life had become stagnant and here I am over a month later, acknowledging that life has become so .. 1,278 more words