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Donkey of the Day: Rapper Christ Bearer (Cuts off Penis)

The way of Tao (God) includes the most diabolic humor imaginable. “Cool” is in some ways objectively real. Instead of scoring a point in the eyes of the public, you get put into the penalty box. 165 more words

Ways to Stop Anxiety Quickly

Going to write an exam you feel stressed and you will notice that something wrong was happening with you. Attending to the college, going into public or in participating in the events you will again feel the same strange thing.  912 more words



I do not like being alone.

Yet I am not good at being around people.

I get bored? no…anxious, anxious to be alone.

And then I am alone.

And wish they were around.

Walking in the Light of Life

I have a history of depression and anxiety.  Really…I get anxious…then when it gets unbearable I get depressed.  This is more common in people than you think!  254 more words

Anxiety's Hold

Even the greatest moments, calmest actions, most peaceful energy, would be unable to tear it off once it sticks
it winds you up for everything and causes one to just pace instead…

1,268 more words
Being And Feeling

A Follow-Up to Last Night's Anxiety Documentary...

Okayyy…well, I cannot believe that happened last night!! First of all, thank you so much to those of you who watched it – friends, family, mental health charities, people I don’t know – it means a lot that you didn’t just turn the TV off! 1,403 more words


Heath Ledger: An old poem written by an old friend

NO, I have NEVER masturbated in a car.

NO, I NEVER drank that entire bottle of bourbon, fell off a hill and landed on a cactus plant. 109 more words