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Force myself to relax and then hit the ongoing fast-paced merry-go-round

Force myself to relax and then hit the ongoing fast-paced merry-go-round

The airplane violently shook for about three hours straight from Los Angeles to New York. 372 more words

Current Events

Do you remember who you really are?

Discovering who I really am is my ultimate goal. This summer, with the help of my family and my new wonderful therapist, I have realized that ever since I can remember I have been so afraid to show the world my true self and express my opinions. 1,293 more words

Fed Up

I’ve been let down by two universities in the last year. The University of the West of England and The Open University! Both unable to cater for someone with mental health disorders. 174 more words


Quit putting me down

I have to work with that awful co-worker again tonight.

I’m already predicting how anxious I’m going to get, and I’m completely dreading it. He shouldn’t even be allowed to work there! 65 more words


The art of getting by

Anxiety. Breathing quickens, heartbeat races, palms sweat, throat dries, colours fade, world spins.

Added stress recently with everything going wrong at once and trying to cover it from people has increased the frequency of my attacks. 521 more words

There are Those...

There will always be doubters and those who wish to see you fall.  Stay positive and keep moving forward so that, eventually, they are left in your dust.  101 more words

Singing Soul

First, these words from David,

Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of you wings. (Psalm 63:7)

For the Christian, rest involves singing. 381 more words