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depression's gift

Depression/anxiety can be a gift.Sounds like some Pollyanna gibberish at best doesn’t it? It isn’t. But God promises He can take anything meant to harm us and turn it into something good. 317 more words


Facing Your Fears...

Most people will have fearful feelings or anxiety to some extent in their lives, whether it’s making new business calls, small spaces, business meetings, networking events or something else. 672 more words

Slow but quite alluring.

He walks the same dog shit strewn alleyways. This place used to be bustling. Even bees felt the pace. But the people fell out of love with the risk of being left behind. 139 more words

Self Esteem Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: Has your self esteem improved with doing this challenge? If so how?

Honestly? I’m not sure. How do I know? I think that some days I have felt a boost because the prompts have had me talking about getting my black belt in karate. 62 more words

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Anxiety and the Academy

Starting tomorrow I return for the second semester of my graduate diploma in Philosophy. I confess myself somewhat ambivalent towards the academy in general. On the one hand, I recall my first undergraduate degree with much fondness. 836 more words




I often find myself thinking about things that I did or said in the past and really regret ever doing or saying those things. As you can imagine, after 38 plus years of life I have many regretful moments in my past, but I have decided that instead of rehashing these regrets I am going to turn them around to make my future experiences happier. 1,169 more words

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Overcoming nervousness and Agrophobia

Throughout the meetings and sessions Client 4 has presented with high anxiety and nervousness, she has suggested that she cannot work in confined spaces or open spaces, alone or with people, in a position of responsibility or at night.  113 more words