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Road Well Traveled

Down the dark road
where shadows overflow
disquiet thoughts beckon
beguilingly to come stroll.
Desolate and wind blown
the chill in the air caressing
the bone, anxious unease… 41 more words


Still a Good Day

I had my orientation with my new boss. I am cooking a new low carb recipe. I don’t know if I can do no carb, but this is a start. 82 more words


The Sense

I wrote this post a couple of nights ago, but when I hit publish, it published only a blank page with this very same title, “The Sense”. 1,506 more words

Panic Disorder


I really want to loose weight before college starts in September. After attending my taster session and seeing all the girls in my course were all really pretty & skinny . 75 more words

Valium Blues

Never ever ever never pick it up. Let ring. Avoid contact. Don’t go outside without protection. Practice safe interactions. There are people with intentions. I was fine yesterday before I woke up today. 417 more words


Writing #4

Scattered thought. Confusion. Too many paths to choose from. Scared of the unknown as it creeps into the corners of my mind. Thoughts become an increasing buzz. Deafening. Never ending. Uncatchable. 

Welcome to my post-grad so called life.

Being a millennial means your life doesn’t start until you document it online. So this is my attempt to start my life at 23 years old. 170 more words