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Hey! It’s great to see you again. Thanks so much for calling over. Welcome to my head! I like it in here; it’s comfy. Stretch out, and make yourself at home. 722 more words


Reducing my meds and Easter

I am a bit of an anxious ball at the moment. I’ve been reducing my antidepressant/anti anxiety medication as per my psychiatrist’s instructions in order to lose weight. 192 more words


Your Not Alone!

Trust me on this, your NOT and I repeat NOT alone, your not abnormal your not weird, you do not need to cut yourself out of people’s lives, it is just something that you have to deal with, please don’t feel ashamed! 275 more words

Just Steph, Being Brannen

I am a Teflon pot, a stainless steel
refrigerator covered in so many fading,
washed-up magnets from the front cover
of my phone book.  From nights of take-out… 200 more words


Let's Get Off Our Ass and Let's Be Honest With Ourselves.

I resist change. I can’t help it. I’m pretty sure that you’re all aware that I’m human by now. I swear the older that I get, the more structure I need. 1,221 more words


What the hell is wrong with me

I am really the most stupid, most self-ish little ass ever. Yeah friends you guys do think I’m ‘nice and loving’ or whatever, but in reality I’m not. 339 more words

Chasing Whispers

A whisper on the wind whips my head to hear it’s meaning.

But from where, from who, and why?  One more whisper.

One more whisper from the wood line. 109 more words