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Meditation does a body good (Day 64)

I woke up this morning so groggy that my 20 minute meditation time immediately following waking up was an exercise in staying awake. I know some people naturally fall asleep during meditation time, and I’ve been in quite a few yoga classes where someone is happily snoring away during savasana, while the rest of us are trying to ignore it, but to me, that defeats the whole purpose. 348 more words


Death by Perfectionism

And the crash is coming.

Three ways perfectionism will kill us:

  1. By shaming us to death; killing our self-respect, our relationships, our hope
  2. By killing the spirit of others who have to try to be perfect in order to live and work with us…
  3. 80 more words

Too rough looking for grammar school.

It feels like a constant deception. I’ve been noticing grass becoming mouldy bathroom carpet beneath my feet with increased alacrity. The universe is conspiring and getting a kick out of the misfortune it’s causing us. 76 more words

This Is My Normal or I Told You It's Hard To Be Me

Sometimes I can’t tell if insomnia is plaguing my brain and the idleness is then wandering toward an overactive brain that just won’t shut off OR if it’s more that a side effect of my anxiety and a brain that skews more toward a manic disposition than a depressed disposition in my bipolar self. 1,068 more words

Creativity and Mental Health`

Anyone who possesses strong passions and the  burning need to express what they feel knows about the need to create. Having a mental illness creates a sort of “passion” within, if we use a Webster’s New World dictionary definition. 512 more words


How to disempower negative emotions


Travelling emotions: Kicking the cat

Displacement is a powerful defence mechanism which can be often observed in family relations. The most common example used in literature to explain displacement is the situation where a person comes back angry from work and displaces this anger onto family members. 658 more words


Le rêve. El ensueño. Dream.

I’m pretty sure its not just me who can relate with this. Right? You my friend is somehow thinking about your future and (a very long pause)… You can’t imagine anything at all, like a blank page or simply… 953 more words