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friendship for the fearful

Fear is a haunter. It whispers misunderstanding. It splits a solid piece in two. Makes a warm embrace suddenly awkward. Keeps you from chasing after that thing you just miss so deeply, paralyzing the arms that wanna reach. 249 more words

Anxious Heart

Start here-- for the loveless

Set joy way down deep in my soul.
So deep & so rooted,
So secure & so grounded
That fear cannot shake it.
Anxiety cannot deter it. 116 more words

Anxious Heart

Hold Me Tight

Hold me up.
Hold me tight.
Today I stand with feeble legs
& tired eyes
& a weary spirit.
Let your whispered light linger in my soul. 83 more words


Divine Medicine from Eternal Bridges

Daily we ALL are in affliction of one sort or the other. In my life there IS a solution….Divine Medicine.

Blessed Father, you warm me with your healing light. 58 more words


not there yet-- rest for the restless

he’s not wringing his hands over you,
waiting for you to change,
or be more joyful,
or believe his promises,
or be thankful.

God is not worried that you’ll never come around or never appreciate what he’s giving you. 146 more words

Anxious Heart