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Pasta is life!

Talking about forgotten things and memories me and my dad were talking about food…as always! Being Italian life revolves around the pleasure of taste, food and not to mention that pasta is never off the table! 386 more words

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My hat...

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this but I share a room with my sister and the other day she was giving the room a spring clean… I would like to say that I actually care about spring cleaning but I really don’t! 239 more words

Anything & Everything

Natural Vs Fake

I once heard on the radio that the average woman wears their best face for about 90 minutes throughout the whole day before that full cover foundation you spent a fortune on begins to show the cracks underneath. 728 more words

Anything & Everything

Of Recent Things & Square Photography

There’s just a lot going on lately. The trip to Germany, overcoming the jet lag, planning the move and dealing with a difficult teething toddler who seemed to have the mood swings of a pms-ing lady. 272 more words

Anything & Everything!