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The Broken-hearted Bouncer!

There are two things I am doing as I type this message to you. First, Butu Na Moyi, by Makoma is playing in mid-volume. Secondly, I am trying to peep into a very interesting text message conversation I shall tell you about. 1,043 more words

Anything Random

Underwear Records

Now listen….

I appeared on TV because I had made news. I want you to relax and see it as it is going!

First, when this happened, I was very excited because it was a golden chance I would never get in my lifetime. 608 more words

Anything Random

Two Strange Cats!!

Dear My Lovely Woman,

I know you do not love me anymore…I know you’re not my one and only because you are sleeping with seven times seventy men. 707 more words

Anything Random

Nosy Eyes!!

Dear Medina,

If only had this electricity spared me, i would have posted this letter long time ago. Be advised that I was up at 2am last night, re-doing this work because it had varnished with the blackout. 745 more words

Anything Random